The home-buying process can be exciting, but there is no doubt that there are some stressful scenarios to face along the way. Many people find their dream home only to learn from an inspector that there were issues with the property. If you’ve been in this boat before, then you know how much of a relief it can be to be given a good bill of health on the place you want to buy.

There are a few things home inspectors don’t cover, and it is important to hire a professional technician to check these areas. One of these spots is the fireplace and chimney. While your inspector may have stated that the chimney looked fine, they only do a minimal overview of the structure, meaning countless problems could still be present.

What Did My Inspector Check For?

family walking inside a homeSo, what does a home inspector take note of when they check your chimney and fireplace? They will look at all readily accessible parts and note any spots that may seem concerning. If they notice any damages or deterioration, or if they realize a faulty damper is in place, they will record it. They also recognize whether or not there are smoke and carbon monoxide detectors on the property.

What they do not check is the flue, an overview of the system’s interior, determine whether or not the unit was correctly installed, analyze how well air can flow through the flue, light or operate the appliance to examine how it functions, and more. As we said, their very basic overview does not reveal much about the true state of the chimney, meaning you could be in for an unpleasant surprise when it comes time to light a fire.

What To Expect From Us

All in all, a home inspector will not perform the necessary NFPA level inspection that you need. Fortunately for folks in and around the Crofton area, the team at Clean Sweep of Arundel County can! We are trained, certified, and experienced, and we can ensure to cover it all when it comes to your chimney.

For the transfer of property, we perform the level two inspection, which is a bit more extensive than your basic examination but will not require the removal or destruction of any of your chimney’s parts. A level two inspection requires the use of a camera, which we will send up your flue to take note of any issues with your system.

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There is no doubt that a fireplace can turn your new house into a home. It offers the cozy aesthetic that everyone craves, and you want your chimney system to work properly and safely for your family. Buying a home is a huge investment, so protect your investment by scheduling a chimney inspection before you purchase a home and every year. Ensure you are good to go from the start by trusting in our team. We’ll have you back every step of the way!