We Offer High Quality Chimney Caps that Offer Maximum Protection

Installed & Custom Fitted By Certified Chimney Specialist

We Offer Copper & Stainless Steel Caps

Benefits of a quality chimney cap

  • keep out the elements such as rain, snow, sleet, and ice
  • keep out animals
  • prevent debris such as leaves and twigs from entering
  • avert chimney blockages and chimney fires
  • help eliminate downdrafts from wind
  • come in many types, sizes, and styles
  • can create custom caps for your specific flue
  • come with lifetime manufacture warranty

We Install Chimney Caps and Even Create a Custom Chimney Cap for You

Clean Sweep of Anne Arundel County offers and installs many types, sizes, and styles of chimney caps and tops.

  • We offer stainless steel caps, which are guaranteed against rust and have the best chance of lasting a long time.
  • We offer copper chimney caps, which last much longer than those made of regular galvanized metal — and we find many love the way they patina through the years.
  • We make and install custom chimney caps, as well.

What to Keep IN Your Chimney

While we are always talking about what can potentially come into the flue, when talking about caps, we need to also discuss what can come out of the flue: sparks and embers. The mesh that surrounds the cap works to keep those sparks and embers in their place and prevent them from escaping out onto the roof or into brush near the home where they could potentially start a roof fire.

We are highly recommended!

Testimonials from our customers:

The guys were professional, courteous and arrived on time. As new home owners, we needed to know what options we had for reclaiming an old neglected fireplace. They laid out all of the options available in an easy to understand way We will certainly use them again .

Barry Silber

This is an extraordinary company. From the owner to the crew they are polite, communicative, responsive and supportive. Their work is immaculate and the finished product looks terrific. We had a time crunch in getting this work done and Clean Sweep got it done for us well within the allotted time.

Judith Bernsteingaeta

Every chimney should have a chimney cap in place, as this provides maximum protection for your chimney and home. There are many things that could invade your chimney flue without a chimney cap. A chimney topper protects your chimney from the elements, animals, debris, unwanted drafts, and more. At Clean Sweep Of Anne Arundel County, we offer cap replacement, chimney cap installation, decorative chimney caps made of stainless steel and copper, and custom chimney caps. Our certified sweeps are here to help, give us a call today to get started!