A Chimney Cap Acts Like a Roof for the Flue

Every chimney needs a cap for the same reason every house needs a roof. Chimney flues can be 12 inches square or larger and chimney caps or “spark arrestors” are used to cover the flue opening.

Keep Out Animals And Elements: Rain, Sleet And Snow

  • Remember, water is the biggest cause of damage to masonry — but a chimney cap can prevent water penetration. Keeping water out of a flue is a good way to slow down deterioration to a masonry chimney.
  • The stainless steel mesh is perfect for keeping out squirrels, birds and raccoon’s.
  • Chimney caps also prevent leaves, twigs and other debris from entering any type of flue ( including oil and gas furnaces), which could lead to a blockages or chimney fires
  • AND they help eliminate wind-induced downdrafts. This makes it easier to keep that fire or furnace burning.
copper chimney cap

What to Keep IN Your Chimney

While we are always talking about what can potentially come into the flue, when talking about caps we need to discuss what can come out of the flue that you might not want to: sparks and embers. The mesh that surrounds the cap works to keep those sparks and embers in their place and not let them escape out onto the roof where they could potentially start a roof fire.

before and after chimney cap

We Can Create Custom Chimney Caps

Clean Sweep of Anne Arundel County offers and installs many types, sizes and styles of chimney caps and tops.

  • We offer stainless steel caps, which are guaranteed against rust and have the best chance of lasting a long time.
  • We offer copper chimney caps, which last much longer than those made of regular galvanized metal — and we find many love the way they patina through the years.
  • We make and install custom chimney caps, as well.

Spending a little extra for a good quality chimney cap with a lifetime warranty is money well spent. And while we are talking about quality, we offer a large variety of standard and custom made chimney caps and they all have lifetime manufacture warranty. They are made to exacting standards from the finest materials which stand up to severe weather, heat from your fireplace and animals.

chimney cap silver
chimney ca
chimney cap
chimney cap
copper chimney cap

Don’t Lose that Warranty

Most caps are fastened to the top of the flue and must be attached by a certified chimney sweep in order to be covered by the warranty. Just another reason to deal with a reputable company that is dedicated to certification and education!

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If a missing or damaged chimney cap has left the inside of your flue in need of attention or repair, you may be able to take advantage of our Flue Liner Repair Systems and we offer it as part of our chimney services package.