We Sell & Install Electric Fireplaces For Just About Every Space!

Electric fireplaces have become increasingly popular, and for good reason. These beautiful appliances can add style and charm to just about any space, even spaces that can’t safely host a gas or wood fireplace. They simply run on electricity, which means there’s no mess, no cleanup, and virtually no maintenance. And because the heat can be completely turned off, you can enjoy the beauty of your electric fireplace during every season of the year.

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Why Are Homeowners Falling In Love With Electric Fireplaces?

Not sure if an electric fireplace is right for you? Read on to discover why so many homeowners are falling in love with electric fireplaces:

  • Controllable Heat,  All Year Long — Electric fireplaces can be enjoyed with or without heat. Half the charm of a roaring fire is the beauty and the way the flickering and dancing flames seem to melt away your tension and worries. Why limit that to the late fall and winter only, when you can enjoy it all year long with an electric fireplace? Simply turn the heat aspect off in those hotter months.
  • Easy Warmth & Comfort At The Touch Of A Button — For some people, chopping wood and building the fire is all part of the experience. For others, they’d rather do without that part, and an electric fireplace makes it easy. Simply press a button and prop up your feet — you do enough work already!
  • Predictability — Unless you chop your own firewood, prices for fuel (gas, pellet, and seasoned wood) can fluctuate from year to year. But with your electric fireplace, you’ll know just what to expect and budget for.
  • Placement Flexibility — When you have a traditional fireplace, you have to worry about things like footing, clearance from combustibles, and other safety concerns — but an electric fireplace can be installed just about anywhere and it’s virtually maintenance free.
  • Guilt-Free Relaxation — Many homeowners are trying to reduce their carbon footprint, and an electric fireplace can help. These wonderful appliances provide heat and comfort, without the emissions.
  • Installation Is Fast — Adding a masonry fireplace is no simple task. It can require a lot of time, labor, and construction/demo, which can make it a poor option for some homeowners. Electric fireplaces, on the other hand, can be installed quickly, saving you time and money.

Where Can You Find The Best Electric Fireplaces? Right Here!

Here at Clean Sweep of Anne Arundel County, we carry reliable and attractive electric fireplaces with simple, clean lines and large views of the fire. Each model is designed to complement just about any space, large or small. If you’re looking for just the right appliance for your space, look no further!

Installation Is Fast & Reliable With Clean Sweep Of Anne Arundel

Once you’ve settled on a model, leave the rest to us. We’ll install your new electric fireplace quickly and professionally so you can enjoy it ASAP. Have questions? Ready to schedule an appointment? Call 410-421-7817 or reach out to us online today!

Upgrading to an electric fireplace but not sure what type of fireplace you currently have? We can help! We can also help you with any installation services you may need.