Anxious to start lighting fires this fall and winter? We totally get it! When temperatures drop and snow begins to fall, there’s no better place to be than in front of a cozy fireplace… and they set a great aesthetic for holiday get-togethers, too! That being said, with increased fireplace usage comes an increased risk of house fires, gas leaks, and other dangerous scenarios.

Learn more about avoiding these by reading below. Questions? Give our team at Clean Sweep Sweep of Anne Arundel County a call! We’re always eager to help out.

Be Cautious With DecorChimney and decoration safety tips for the holiday

Decorating for the holidays is always a fun way to pass the time and leave your home looking festive. And many love making the fireplace mantel the centerpiece of it all! That being said, it’s important to be cautious and keep any flammable decorations a safe distance away from the fireplace to avoid any threat of fire.

Also, if you have a real tree, keep it far away from the fireplace and be sure to water it regularly to minimize the chances of it catching flame. Or, if you have a fake tree, check to ensure it is fire-resistant. Most are, but it’s always good to read the label and make certain before making any final purchases. Make sure the tree is at least 3 feet away from the fireplace.

Burn Wisely

The holidays tend to leave behind a lot of garbage. This can include wrapping paper, boxes, decorations, candy wrappers, paper plates and plastic-ware including cups, plus a whole lot more. Many even attempt to burn their real tree in the fireplace once the season is over! You should never put any of these items in your fireplace because they burn at much higher temperatures and give off noxious gases. This is a dangerous habit, and it leads to the accumulation of creosote, which is highly flammable and known for causing chimney fires.

The only thing you should be burning in your fireplace is well-seasoned dry wood. This is defined as wood that has been dried out for at least 6 months. If the pieces you are using feel light in weight and are in darker in color, this is always a good sign that they are ready to burn. They should also sound hollow when smacked together, and they won’t smell or look as “fresh,” either. Stick to these guidelines, and you should be go to go!

Ensure Everything Is Out Before Bed

Make sure your fire is always completely out before calling it a night. On this same note, be cautious when storing ashes, and be sure to use a metal bucket that is stored on a non-flammable surface and far away from any structure or over hangs. Finally, invest in proper-working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, as these will often be one of the first indicators that trouble is amiss.

Schedule An Inspection!

One of the most efficient ways to ensure your chimney is safer for use throughout these colder months is to schedule your inspection with our qualified and experienced team. We’ll do a thorough check-up and let you know if we spot any problems that need our attention. The time to call is now!