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Get World Class Service For Local Chimney Sweep Professionals!

Reasons to invest in a chimney sweep with us:

  • To enjoy your system in its most efficient and safe state for a long time. A chimney sweeping cleans out all build up of dangerous substances.
  • Each fire you enjoy in your system can cause build up of highly flammable substances called creosote. This can cause major damage to your system if not removed such as chimney fires, gas leaks, and more.
  • Whether it’s your furnace, boiler, or hot water heater, we can sweep it all for your protection!
  • We have the proper equipment to thoroughly clean your system. Our licensed and certified sweeps are here to address all your chimney issues.
  • We have multiple techniques to clean your system, it all depends on the type of deposits found. We can use standard sweeping, mechanical cleaning, or chemical cleaning, to give your system the best sweeping!

We are highly recommended!

Testimonials & Reviews from our customers:

Willis and his co-worker did a great job cleaning and inspecting our chimney. They were very nice and respected our home and kept the work area clean. They took a lot of pictures and explained everything thoroughly. We just moved into this house so he took the time to explain how to use our wood stove and how to protect our carpet. I would definitely recommend Clean Sweep to others looking for a chimney cleaning and inspection.
Julio Lopez

Clean Sweep offers fast and efficient service. They go to great lengths to ensure there is no mess, which was a concern of mine with new light, colored carpet. They do their job quickly and the technicians were both pleasant and informative. I highly recommend this company.
Lisa jj

Owned By The Only Certified Master Chimney Sweep In Maryland!

We’re extremely proud of owner Chuck Roydhouse for taking his chimney education to the highest level and earning his Master Sweep certification from the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). This means peace of mind knowing that our company is trained and run by one of the few Master Sweeps in the nation and that we are on the cutting edge of chimney technology and education.

The Importance of an Annual Chimney Sweeping

Annual chimney sweepings are recommended by professional fire safety organizations such as the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) for all fireplace and vent systems.

As your fireplace works to provide heat for you, it results in buildup of dangerous substance like creosote. If creosote buildup is not addressed timely, it can lead to dangerous situations such as a chimney or home fire, gas leaks, or blockages.

Regular chimney sweepings can prevent all these hazards. Call our professionals today schedule a chimney sweep right now!