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Owned By Former Firefighter & Master Sweep. CSIA Certified Specialists. Serving Maryland Since 1978.

Reasons to invest in a chimney sweep with us:

  • To enjoy your system in its most efficient and safe state for a long time. A chimney sweeping cleans out all build up of dangerous substances.
  • Each fire you enjoy in your system can cause build up of highly flammable substances called creosote. This can cause major damage to your system if not removed such as chimney fires, gas leaks, and more.
  • Whether it’s your furnace, boiler, or hot water heater, we can sweep it all for your protection!
  • We have the proper equipment to thoroughly clean your system. Our licensed and certified sweeps are here to address all your chimney issues.
  • We have multiple techniques to clean your system, it all depends on the type of deposits found. We can use standard sweeping, mechanical cleaning, or chemical cleaning, to give your system the best sweeping!

Owned By The Only Certified Master Chimney Sweep In Maryland!

We’re extremely proud of owner Chuck Roydhouse for taking his chimney education to the highest level and earning his Master Sweep certification from the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). This means peace of mind knowing that our company is trained and run by one of the few Master Sweeps in the nation and that we are on the cutting edge of chimney technology and education.

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How Do We Sweep Chimneys?

We employ a variety of sweeping techniques to remove chimney deposits. The method chosen or recommended for your chimney will depend on the type of deposits and the type of chimney you have.

Standard Sweeping

This is the standard or basic sweeping process and involves the use of brushes to remove deposits on the chimney flue liner. A powerful high-speed, HEPA-filtered vacuum is used to prevent soot and creosote from entering the home. This type of sweeping/cleaning is effective for soot and ordinary creosote deposits, but has little effect on heavy, baked on, glazed, and tarry creosote deposits.

Mechanical Sweeping/Rokleen

Mechanical sweeping involves the use of wire brushes, plastic cables, or special chains rotated at a high speed by an electric motor. Mechanical sweeping is often employed to remove hard creosote or glazed creosote deposits.

Chemical Cleaning

Special chemicals may be used to loosen or dissolve heavy deposits of creosote and glaze. This can be used in conjunction with a mechanical cleaning.

Enjoy Peace Of Mind & Schedule Today!

Having your chimney swept and inspected annually gives homeowners peace of mind knowing the state of their chimney. Do yourself a favor and get this important home maintenance task off your list & schedule a sweeping with us. As your local chimney sweep company, we’re here for you!