– Chimney Sweeping –

Keep your chimney working efficiently and safely with proper care from a certified team.

When you make the decision to book with us you know you are getting

  1. A certified team you can trust (check out our reviews).
  2. A team dedicated to timeliness and efficiency.
  3. Professional work and a team keeps you updated on the cleaning/repair process.

What an excellent experience! The team arrived on time, had in-depth knowledge of the job (not always my experience with other companies unfortunately), were extremely friendly, professional, and communicative, and not only was the work great but they all did a terrific job documenting and sharing the work that was done. Thank you, Clean Sweep!!

Nathan Bowen

Why Annual Chimney Sweeping is Necessary

The reason we recommend inspections every year is because every organization that deals in fire safety, including the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), recommends annual inspections of all chimneys, fireplaces and vent systems.  And for good reason! Doing so can keep you enjoying your chimney system without worry!

How Can Sweepings Help?

Fireplaces and wood stoves are designed to contain wood-fuel fires, while providing heat for your home. The chimney’s job for these appliances is to contain the heat and expel the by-products of combustion – the substances produced when wood burns. These include:

  • Smoke
  • Water vapor
  • Gases
  • Unburned wood particles
  • Hydrocarbon volatile
  • Tar fog
  • Assorted minerals

Great job today. Arrived on time and completed the job with professionalism. As someone who has had a chimney fire and who thought they were being diligent about getting their chimney cleaned; you have to have it cleaned once a year to be sure it’s clean and ready for the burning season and Clean Sweep AA Co. is the company I trust to do it right.

Chuck Clark