With spring just starting, chimney maintenance is probably far down on your to-do list. After all, the fall burning season is months away, so why worry about chimney care right now? Well, at Clean Sweep of Anne Arundel County, we feel that springtime is actually one of the best times to invest in repairs and preventative maintenance… especially with the rainy season up ahead!

Leaks, water damage, and other types of decay and deterioration can take their toll on your chimney, so we encourage homeowners to invest in preventative maintenance now, before you face bigger (and more costly) issues down the line. Learn more about all that we can offer you by reading below, then let us keep your chimney healthy. We can help you with it all! Early Prevention Chimney Maintenance - Crofton MD - Clean Sweep

Address Repairs Early

There’s no doubt about it – the best time for chimney repairs is right now! Many put off chimney care until closer to their heating season which, unfortunately, can leave them waiting longer than expected to light their first fire or start their furnace. As you can imagine, our schedule book fills up fast once temperatures drop, meaning finding an ideal time frame can be a bit challenging! If we discover bigger issues within your system, you may be without your heating appliance for longer than you’d like, and we’d hate to see that happen. Schedule your appointment today, so you don’t have to stress.

Along with this, repair work tends to go a lot smoother when we’re not working in bad weather conditions. Our workers stay safer, our materials can cure properly, and you’ll be happier than ever with the end results! There’s no time to lose when it comes to the health of your chimney, so give us a call right away to ensure better care for your home

Invest In Leak Prevention

Water and excess moisture is one of the worst things your chimney can face. Noticing water damage in your home and chimney structure can be worrisome, but our team will get you taken care of, Our team has solved many water leak issues over our 40 years of service. Water damage comes in many forms, including rot, rust, stains, missing or deteriorated mortar joints, and more, but our knowledgeable crew has your solution! Count on us today and leave your worries in the past.

Once your chimney is back in tip-top shape, we can ensure you are set up with all of the preventative maintenance necessary for keeping leaks and water damage away for good. Chimney caps, a well-built crown, properly installed flashing, and waterproofing are all needed for top-notch protection, and we can set you up with all of that!

When we’re done, you can rest easy all summer then, come fall, you won’t find yourself scrambling to get to your home heating appliance and chimney up and running. Cross one thing off your to-do list early by calling in our experts right away!

Don’t Forget Your Annual Inspection

Annual inspections are vital for a safe, efficient and proper functioning of your wood stove furnace or fireplace, so why not let us get you taken care of? We’ll make certain everything is running as safely as possible, so you’re family and home will be able to rest easy all year long. Make the right choice – give us a call now!