Upgrade to a New Wood Stove or Gas Fireplace Insert and Get It Installed by the Experts!

Are you looking to have your fireplace updated? Updating your existing fireplace with a new wood stove or gas fireplace insert can be both exciting and smart! Why? Well, there are so many amazing new appliances available, you’re bound to find one that complements your home décor, saves you money on energy bills, and fuel for your fire!

Allow Us to Upgrade Your Fireplace

  • We are CSIA and NFI certified gas specialists. We’re trained and qualified to sweep, inspect, and service gas appliances of all types.
  • We carry and install the top wood stove and gas insert models. If you’re looking for just the right appliance for your space, look no further!
  •  Installation is fast and reliable with Clean Sweep of Anne Arundel.

The crew did an outstanding job. They were very professional. Every thing was cleaned up when left. I love my new Annapolitan insert. It was so easy to lite the fire. I just threw one log on the fire when I went to bed and it was still burning when I got up in the morning. Put a couple of logs in when I got up, the fire was blazing in just few minutes. I am also very happy with the chimney repair work done.


What Exactly Is an Insert?

A fireplace insert is essentially a heating appliance that is retrofitted into your existing masonry fireplace and designed to work with your existing masonry chimney. Many homeowners don’t want to lose the warmth and ambiance of wood fires, but they are also tired of losing heat, energy and money with their old, inefficient fireplaces. For these homeowners, an insert is the answer! Modern day wood stove/gas inserts are clean-burning, easy to use, and incredibly efficient. Plus, there are so many styles to choose from! Could you benefit from a new wood stove or gas insert? Well, what are you waiting for – start shopping!

Their guys were absolutely phenominal. Their attention to detail and their willingness to work in snow, sleet, and rain to get the job right were most impressive.