Make Fire Safety a Priority Now

Book Preventative Services

If you’re family is your first priority and your home is your second, then fire safety should be the third.

Protect your health. Protect your investment. 

Book these three preventative services to keep your home as safe as possible:

  • Fireplace/Chimney Sweep & Inspection
  • Furnace Flue Sweep & Inspection
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning

Book Fire Safety Maintenance

When you call we will have a couple questions for you.

  1. What is the appliance needing inspection? Is it a furnace, wood stove, or gas fireplace?
  2. What does the outside of the chimney look like? Is brick, stone, block, covered in siding or a metal pipe?
  3. Are you having any problems with your system? Campfire smell or odor, animals or birds getting in, system smokes inside the home when you use it, or water leaks?
  4. Are you buying or selling your home?
    This information allows us to explain what our technicians will do when they come to your home and what to expect during our inspection process.
    *If you don’t know these answers, it’s okay! We can help you figure it out.


You may have noticed that we don’t have prices listed with our services. That is because pricing is decided on multiple factors including the number of flues, type of appliance, etc. We are not the cheapest, but our testimonials are proof that we make our clients happy. For more information on pricing before your appointment, give us a call!

Book 2 or More

Do you have a furnace and dryer vents that have been neglected? Ask about our bundle options. 

Clean sweep repaired my two chimney’s 5+ years ago and the repairs have held up very well. They do maintenance on our two fireplaces annually. They have great communication before and during the maintenance calls.
P.S. They also do dryer vent cleaning annually on my house. My brother is a volunteer firefighter and he frequently tells me how important this is.

Brian [Chimney & Dryer Vent Cleaning]

Clean Sweep of Anne Arundel County was my go to for getting my housing inspection completed. They provided pictures, any issues and cost quotes if any damages are present. My realtor recommended them because they are a trusted company who gets the job done.
Ms. Nealy [Chimney Inspection]

Wonderful service!! My techs were extremely friendly, explained things in detail, dryer works great now! Will use them again for future dryer vent cleaning! Highly recommend for any service they offer!
Jaime [Dryer Vent Cleaning]

The technician, Willis, was extremely knowledgeable and professional. He took the time to get me familiar with my pellet stove since I had never used one before, and he was patience with my constant stream of questions about use and maintenance. They also performed a full inspection, inside and outside, and came back with an estimate for repairs. I will definitely use these guys and fully recommend them.
Samantha [Stove/Furnace Cleaning]