Most people don’t think twice of the construction of their chimney. Whether built from masonry or prefabricated materials, most people assume that whatever they have will work. It’s just a funnel for smoke, right? Though at its most simple definition this is true, there are many factors that are involved, especially when dealing with older homes. If you have a home that was built before the 1950’s, it is important to take the extra steps in ensuring that your chimney not only has a chimney lining, but that it receives the same care and attention that modern chimneys do.

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Why is a chimney lining so necessary?

Whenever a fire is lit in the firebox, whether from a gas line or a match, the resulting heat that travels up the flue will initially cause condensation against the cold chimney. Any byproducts, like creosote or soot, that are produced from burning get trapped on the sides and can be easily ignited from a stray spark. In either case, having a deficient chimney will allow carbon monoxide to travel back into your home, as well as other toxic gases. Obviously, none of these situations are ideal, and could potentially harm your home and your loved ones. Also, there could be sizing issues when upgrading from an older appliance to a newer one. The sizing could affect the performance of the new appliance. In addition, a chimney without a liner usually has poor drafting which can affect the performance and fuel consumption whether oil or gas which can lead to higher energy costs.

What should I do about it?

There are options to choose from when looking at different chimney liner options. Stainless steel liners that can be installed in the existing chimney. If installed correctly, they can easily remedy the safety hazards that come from an unlined chimney, not properly sized chimney and they are durable and long lasting to boot. Another option would be a cast chimney liner, where a cement-type substance is poured into the flue and dries in about a day. In extreme cases where the masonry itself has deteriorated beyond repair, it might be required that a new chimney be constructed.

Deterioration of your masonry chimney can also pose risks and concern, but here at Clean Sweep Anne Arundel County, we want you to be as safe as possible this upcoming cold season. Let our CSIA Certified Chimney Technicians inspect your flue system and heating system to ensure that it is performing properly.