Birds and other critters can cause a lot of stress, damage, and inconvenience when it comes to your chimney system. They drag in excess debris, cause clogs, build nests, and make a lot of noise. Not to mention, critters that get in, but can’t get out will eventually pass away, inviting pest problems and nasty odors. All in all, animals entering your chimney is a big hassle! And don’t forget about the extra repair costs you’ll need to invest in down the line…

If this is a common problem for you, there are great solutions out there! And the staff at Clean Sweep of Anne Arundel County can help. Learn about some options below.

Install A Chimney Cap

Chimney caps are a great way to seal the top of your chimney and keep animals out for good. They cover the opening at the top of the flue and having one installed is highly recommended by every organization in the chimney industry. In fact, the Underwriters Laboratories (who is nationally recognized for their safety codes and practices) says that a chimney cap must be present in order for a chimney lining system to meet their elite safety standards.

The great part about chimney caps is that they serve other benefits, as well. They help to keep water out of the inside of your chimney and exhaust flue, which significantly decreases your chance of water damage… and they prevent excess debris from entering your system, too. On top of this, they serve as spark arrestors, which helps protect your roof, and they can significantly decrease the number of down drafts that swoop into your living area.

They’re an affordable and efficient investment, and we know you won’t regret having one installed today. Give us a call to learn more.

Top Sealing Dampers

Another great way to keep animals out of your chimney and home is to have a top sealing damper installed. Throat dampers can work well in a chimney system, but, after time, they often start facing some issues. They become rusted and misaligned, which means you’ll be facing draft issues and increased energy costs. Also, while they stop animals from entering your home, they won’t stop them from entering your chimney.

Top sealing dampers have countless benefits. Like a chimney cap, they will keep out animals, prevent excess exposure to moisture, and block downdrafts… but the list doesn’t end there! You’ll also notice a decrease in your energy bills, as their rubber seal totally prevents heat from escaping your home and cold air from getting in. No more drafty chimneys for you!

Say Good-Bye To Animal Issues

Dealing with unwanted visitors in your chimney is never fun. Let us help you keep them out forever! Our products offer a solution and other benefits Keep your chimney healthy!