We Can Address & Resolve ALL Leaky Chimney Issues!

Water can wreck your system seriously, and it can lead to countless other dangers through your home such as deteriorating walls and structures, rusted parts, inefficiency of your system, and more. We offer multiple solutions to prevent leaky chimneys for our customers, this include flashing repairs, crown repairs, chimney cap, and waterproofing. Call our experts today to evaluate your system and offer the best solutions for your leaky chimney.

Reasons to call the pros to fix your leaky chimney:

  • Your masonry chimney will inevitably suffer from deterioration because of water, in the form of rain, snow, sleet, or storm, over time.
  • Persistent water leak can lead to other potentially dangerous situations such as weaken and rotting of structures or a collapse.
  • There are so many entry points for water to enter your chimney, and our experts can diagnose where your leak is coming in.
  • Whether it’s your flashing, crown, cap, roof, or the masonry itself, we can fix it all to protect your chimney from water!

We are highly recommended!

Testimonials from our customers:

We have trusted the care of our chimney with Clean Sweep for many years. The Staff has always delivered their expert service with the highest level of professionalism and courteousness. The management has made it easier for me in keeping a history of service by their use of emails, phone calls, text messages. We could not be more satisfied. Our most recent services were provided by Willis with some additional staff. He was polite, very hard working and represents his business well. Thank-you.
Valerie Ware

The guys were very prompt and very knowledgeable about chimneys. He caught an issue that may have been causing a leak in my basement.
Tressa Ellis