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The most important part of having your chimney swept is actually the inspection. Items considered during an inspection include whether the chimney meets codes for clearances, proper construction and whether the chimney was built for its present usage. For example, if a new furnace is hooked up to a chimney built with a large flue that was appropriate back in the 1950s, the flue may be twice as large as it needs, resulting in venting problems.

Another aspect that is considered is whether the chimney is currently fit for use. Can in it perform its intended function? Chimneys are exposed to extreme conditions inside and out. It can be exposed to intense heat, extreme cold, acids, moisture and other conditions inside the flue and outside the chimney all at the same time. Often it may be hot on the inside and freezing cold on the outside. This stress can lead to degradation & deterioration and chimney professionals evaluate this every time they come to clean your chimney. Many chimney professionals use video scan equipment to scan the interior of the flue, this allows them to see possible damage inside that is not usually visible to the naked eye.

Although it is very important to have your chimney cleaned, one of the the most important aspects of the visit is to have it thoroughly inspected. When calling a professional chimney sweep make sure to hire a Certified Chimney Sweep. Our CSIA certified professionals at Clean Sweep of Anne Arundel County have extensive experiencing in doing more than just sweeping and inspecting your chimney system. Give us a call today at 410-590-4800 to learn which other services we offered. Thanks.