Pre-Winter Maintenance for Your Chimney

Your chimney may be good to go now, but what about after the snow, winter rains and freezing temperatures. You don’t want to be without your fireplace half-way through the winter, so take the best preventative measures now to avoid costly repairs later.

Winter Weather Issues

Your chimney is fully exposed to outside weather conditions and it can bring havoc to your chimney. Your biggest threat is going to be the freeze/thaw cycle which damage your brickwork and chimney structure. Picture your brickwork expanding and contracting multiple times a winter… that’s bound to put a lot of extra pressure on your system, right? Unfortunately, this is just what happens when water is absorbed into your brickwork.

Unfortunately, when it comes to water damage and your chimney, the freeze/thaw cycle isn’t all you need to worry about. Leaks can form causing all types of decay, rust, and deterioration, and you could face missing mortar joints and rotting woodwork, too. In the end, damage that isn’t addressed in a timely manner will get worse and worse and could eventually affect your home and chimney’s health.

Your Solution

Many homeowners believe that paint will protect their chimney from water damage and while it will keep water out, it does not allow gases and fumes to exit the chimney properly which can lead to much larger issues.

Your best solution is to invest in waterproofing.  Unlike common waterproofing sealers that remain on the surface, our specially formulated water repellent penetrates deep enough to protect masonry from destructive water penetration, while maintaining the structure’s vapor permeability. You don’t have to worry about the aesthetic of your chimney with this solution either!

Clean Sweeps Waterproofing Services

At Clean Sweep of Anne Arundel, our years of experience and knowledge of chimneys and water penetration has made us the company to turn to when you are having chimney leaks. Our products provide the long-lasting protection you’re looking for while allowing your chimney to breath. It’s the best of both worlds! Ask our team about all we can offer you by giving us a call today!

Ready to address water issues with your chimney?

When you call we will have a couple questions for you.

  1. What is the appliance needing inspection? Is it a furnace, wood stove, or gas fireplace?
  2. What does the outside of the chimney look like? Is brick, stone,block, covered in siding or a metal pipe?
  3. Are you having any problems with your system? Campfire smell or odor, animals or birds getting in, system smokes inside the home when you use it, water leaks?
  4. Are you buying or selling your home?
    This information allows us to explain what our technicians will do when they come to your home and what to expect during our inspection process.
    *If you don’t know these answers, it’s okay! We can help you figure it out.


You may not noticed that we don’t have prices listed with our services. That is because pricing is decided on multiple factors including the number of flues, type of appliance, etc. We are not the cheapest, but our testimonials are proof that we make our clients happy. For more information on pricing before your appointment give us a call!