All sorts of holidays and festivities are coming up. This means we’re sure you are more than ready to start putting up decorations throughout your home. Whether it’s paper turkeys at Thanksgiving, or twinkling lights for Christmas, adding a touch of decor can highlight your personal style. Not to mention, it’s sure to make your home stand out!

That being said, it’s important to keep some safety tips in mind. This is especially true if you own a fireplace or wood stove. Check out some of our pointers below. Afterwards, call us today to schedule your annual inspection before temperatures really start to drop!

Keep Decorations Away From The Fireplace

The mantle and area around your fireplace may seem like the ideal spot for countless decorations. However, this really isn’t a good place to store them. If your decor is flammable (as most is), then it’s all too easy for them to catch any stray sparks or embers and start a fire. Also, if any items fall into the fire, you could be facing even more damage and your chimney will suffer, too. Play it safe and put your decorations elsewhere.

Along with this, keep your Christmas tree at a safe distance at least 3 feet away. If it catches any stray flames, you’re looking at a major disaster. This is the last thing any family needs (especially during the holiday season). Also, make sure your tree is well watered. A dried out tree is way may prone to catch fire than a hydrated one!

Practice Fire Safety

We know that sometimes the fireplace itself is the perfect decoration. Lighting up some well-seasoned wood can add the perfect ambiance to any gathering and it definitely makes your living space more festive. Guests love the added warmth, and the coziness will bring loved ones together before you know it!

Yet, with this comes responsibility. Make sure you are maintaining and keeping a watchful eye on your fire at all times. Never leave the fire unattended, and be sure all flames and embers are completely out before going to bed. It’s also wise to keep a fire extinguisher in an easily accessible place, and be sure to have smoke detectors installed throughout the home. These often offer the first warning signs of trouble and save countless lives every single year.

Along with this, be sure you’re only burning seasoned wood in your fireplace. It may seem like an easy option to throw wrapping paper, paper plates and cups, and other trash in the fire, but this encourages creosote accumulation and increases your risk of chimney fires.

Depend On Us This Holiday Season

Whether you need an inspection, a sweeping, repairs, waterproofing, or something else, the CSIA and NFI certified staff at Clean Sweep of Anne Arundel County can help you out! And don’t forget to have your dryer vents cleaned, too! We want to work with you to make this winter season as safe and as enjoyable as possible. Call us today to learn more!