Do you own a fireplace, wood stove, or furnace? Now is the time to schedule your annual sweeping and inspection! Many homeowners wait until fall or winter to get this regular maintenance in. Why? Because that’s right around the time these appliances get put to more frequent use!

Schedule Your Sweepings And Inspections This Spring Image - Crofton MD - Clean Sweep of Anne Arundel CountyYet, putting it off until then isn’t necessary. However, sometimes the earlier you can get your appointment in, the better off you are. Learn more below!

Working With Your Schedule

One of the best parts about setting up your appointment now? The wider range of time slots that are available. There’s no doubt that chimney sweeps get extra busy right before fall and winter. Everyone wants to get their fireplace ready before a family get-together or holiday parties. So, we get calls left and right for sweepings and inspections!

Schedule now so you avoid the hassle of working around everyone else’s schedule. You deserve to pick the day and time that works best for your schedule. Also, we want to help you out when it’s most convenient for you! Pick up the phone and get your spot on our books today.

Reduce Home Odors

Once temperatures outside rise, odors from your chimney tend to creep their way into your living space. The draft reverses as the heat from outdoors tries to make its way into your home – not good! Add a chimney sweeping to your spring cleaning list. This helps keep these unpleasant smells at bay, and come home to a fresh and welcoming home all summer long.

Getting Repairs Scheduled

Scheduling inspections early also helps ensure you get any repairs done in time for the burning season. There’s nothing worse than waiting until last minute, only to discover your chimney has cracks, holes, broken parts, and more.  All of these need to be fixed before you can safely use your appliance. Get your inspection done now, so you have plenty of time to schedule any necessary repairs.

You can also get your waterproofing done while the weather is nice! No more stressing about leaks all year long. You’ll be good to go whenever bad storms strike.

Avoid Animal Entry

When your chimney is out of use for months at a time, animals tend to find their way in and set up camp. This causes lots of problems down the line, such as smelly odors, blockages, fire hazards, and more! By getting a CSIA certified technician in right away, you can make sure a chimney cap is securely installed and in great shape. This way, no critters will find their way in anytime soon.

Call Clean Sweep of Anne Arundel County Today!

If you are ready to get your cleaning and inspection done, count on our 5-star company today! We have been providing unbeatable service since 1978, and we can’t wait to help you keep your chimney and home healthy as possible. Call us today, so we can get started!