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Team was great. Thanks for your help and service.
~ Chris H., Arnold, MD
If you’re a resident of Arnold, Severna Park, Cape St. Claire, or another city or town in the area, let Clean Sweep of Anne Arundel keep your chimney system looking and working great!

Arnold is one of the many areas Clean Sweep of Anne Arundel County provides chimney services to that benefits from incredible access to waterfront fun and waterfront living. Between the Magothy and Severn riverfronts, the marinas and the beaches, Arnold’s scenic beauty is undeniable — and we’re glad that our work brings us to Arnold on a regular basis. You may have seen our company vehicles along Route 2, College Parkway, Route 50, or even in your neighborhood on our way to provide top notch chimney care to a neighbor.

Our customers appreciate our dedication to superior customer care and continuous education, and know that no matter what the chimney issue, we can help. We are certified by the Chimney Safety Industry of America (CSIA) and maintain memberships with several leading organizations and associations to keep us up-to-date on all industry safety, product and procedure information. When you work with the team at Clean Sweep of Anne Arundel, you have a wealth of industry knowledge and experience at your disposal.

Keeping Your Chimney System Dry in a Waterfront Town

While Clean Sweep of Anne Arundel County focuses on handling every kind of chimney need — from repairs to installations — due to Arnold’s proximity to the water, we place particular emphasis on preventing leaks and moisture intrusion in Arnold. Areas that enjoy waterfront beauty do have some unique challenges when it comes to chimney care, and as local chimney experts, we know just what those challenges are.

A big part of our job as CSIA-certified chimney technicians is rooted in prevention. We work to keep your system in good condition and at low risk for fire hazards, moisture intrusion, and other unwanted problems. The experts at Clean Sweep of Anne Arundel pay extra attention and take extra precautions to make sure your chimney system is prepared and equipped to fight off water properly.

How Moisture Takes Its Toll on Your Chimney System

Moisture is your chimney system’s worst enemy, and that’s true whether you live in Arnold or over in Bowie. But the consistently higher humidity in waterfront areas like Arnold can create extra challenges in a chimney system.

If you have a masonry chimney, the brick and mortar that makes up your chimney stack will absorb a certain amount of moisture — those materials are porous, so it’s only natural. But the effects of moisture and weather over years can wear at masonry materials, and degraded masonry can begin to absorb an excessive amount of moisture, leading to chimney leaks and damage to the chimney itself (as well as the interior of your home).

One thing that can help protect masonry and prevent moisture absorption in chimneys in Arnold is to have a specially-formulated waterproofing sealant professionally applied. In the short term, a waterproofing sealant keeps water from leeching toward the interior of your chimney; in the long term, it gives your masonry a strong shield and often extends its service life by a considerable degree.

Choosing the Right Products and Services Is Key

The first thing we try to impress on new and old chimney owners alike is the importance of an annual chimney inspection. Inspections are key to the short- and long-term function of your chimney system and help us diagnose problems and make repairs early on. When we inspect a chimney system, we’re assessing the whole system, top to bottom, and that includes inspecting all of the components designed to keep water out. Some of those components, oddly enough, are particularly susceptible to moisture damage, depending on the materials they are constructed out of.

Metal components like chimney caps and chase covers are designed to direct water away from your flue, but galvanized metal, in particular, takes a beating from heavy moisture, and doesn’t tend to last long in areas like Arnold. Our experts know what works and what doesn’t and can help you protect and preserve your chimney system. We provide a wide range of chimney services, including: Chimney Inspections; Chimney Sweeping; Chimney Installations & Replacements; Chimney Repairs; Chimney Flue Cap Installations & ReplacementsChimney Leaking & Water-Repellent Services; Flue Relining; Top-Sealing Damper Installations & Replacements; and Wood Insert Sales & Installations.

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Clean Sweep of Anne Arundel County has been servicing chimney systems in this area for going on four decades — we’re attuned to the unique needs here, and we can recommend and install the best components for your chimney and maintain the whole system with the care of neighbors and the expertise that comes with experience.

If you live in Arnold and are in need of a trusted chimney care company, we’d love to help. Give Clean Sweep of Anne Arundel County a call today or click here to request an appointment online!


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