Clean Sweep of Anne Arundel County Services Crownsville Chimneys

As Always TJ and Mike were very professional,communicative, and completed the work quickly and to our satisfaction. We always enjoy seeing them and know that we’re in good hands with Clean Sweep of Anne Arundel County.
~ Bill and Lisa A., Crownsville, Maryland

Everything was great, very happy, Thank you!
~ Tim Hoy, Crownsville

Since Clean Sweep of Anne Arundel County is based out of nearby Millersville, Crownsville is regularly on our itineraries, and we’re honored to get to provide comprehensive chimney services to our Crownsville neighbors.

The Wonderful and Less Wonderful Things About Water

One of the best-loved attributes of Crownsville is its beautiful waterfront, and we love serving clients with homes along the Severn River — the views are definitely tough to beat.

As chimney professionals, though, we have a love/hate relationship with water. Moisture is, after all, your chimney system’s worst enemy, and a healthy part of what we do in terms of chimney repairs and maintenance at Clean Sweep of Anne Arundel County focuses on keeping water out of your chimney system.

When you live near the water, the higher humidity always poses its challenges — galvanized metal components in your system (like chase covers or flashing) might corrode and decay faster, and degraded masonry can also start absorbing too much moisture, leading to a chimney leak.

During your annual chimney inspection, Clean Sweep of Anne Arundel County technicians will examine your system closely to make sure that all of the components designed to keep moisture out are doing their job properly. If there’s a problem, we’ll pose solutions. We can also recommend and apply a water repelling sealant that can keep your masonry stronger, longer, while keeping moisture out. Just ask us!

A Few Other Things We Love About Crownsville

The Anne Arundel County Fair

The Anne Arundel County Fair at the county Fairgrounds in Crownsville isn’t just an opportunity to eat and hang out with friends and family. Tracing all the way back to the mid-50s, it’s something of a time capsule for Crownsville and for Anne Arundel County. Although our growth and modernity means our lives are far different from what our early farming- and agriculture-focused settlers experienced, the Anne Arundel County Fair shines a spotlight on things that’d be plenty familiar to those folks, from art and crafts to food and a love of livestock (can’t forget the Poultry Princess).

Even Deeper Into History

The Maryland Renaissance Festival hosts its gatherings in Crownsville too, with performers and artisans celebrating and paying tribute to the 16th Century with enough flair and detail to make you forget we’re a long way from that time. The festival’s Revel Grove honors some seriously historic arts, from glass blowing to juggling, and it reminds us of the lengthy history of our own trade — people were doing masonry work back then, and all that we do now was built on the lessons learned by early masons, passed forward and improved.

If you live in Crownsville and are searching for a chimney company you can rely on, we hope you’ll call Clean Sweep of Anne Arundel County – we truly value our neighbors, and would love to help! Call or click today!



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