Investing in regular professional care is a key factor in improving chimney health, and here at Clean Sweep of Anne Arundel County, we strive to provide you with all of the services necessary for getting the job done right. Learn more about the many types of repair work we perform below, then reach out to us with questions, concerns or scheduling needs. Our experts are ready to assist you.

Chimney Liner Repair

The chimney liner serves a few major functions for your chimney. It keeps your home’s woodwork from catching on fire, protects the masonry, and it ensures your chimney vents properly. Thus, having a properly working liner improves the overall performance of your system.
If your liner is damaged, missing, over-sized or undersized, using your home heating appliance is unwise and dangerous. We repair, replace, and install flue liners throughout Anne Arundel County and the surrounding areas, and we would love to help you out too.

Chimney Leak Repair

man performing chimney repair Water leaks can have major impacts on the lifespan of your masonry chimney. Water causes more damage to you chimney than fire. When water invades your system, the brickwork and mortar starts to deteriorate and crumble. This allows more water to enter your system and home, which accelerates the deterioration of your chimney and home. If you have leaks or water damage, it is vital to address them as soon as possible to keep your chimney safe. We can help!

Masonry Repairs

Masonry repairs are the most common type of chimney repair, and it should be addressed to keep your chimney in tip top shape. There are a lot of things that can cause your structure to break down, which can affect the performance and safety of it. Our experienced crew can locate the root of the problem in a hurry, then address it, so you have peace of mind when using your home heating appliance when the cold strikes again.

Crown Rebuilds

Like we said, water damage takes its toll on your chimney in a hurry, which is why a well-built crown is a must for any chimney. Chimney crowns work to send water out and away from the sides of your brickwork. However, all too often, we discover that they were improperly constructed from the start, leaving homeowners with a water damaged, broken down piece of chimney crown. Let our team help, so we can ensure you are good to go for all those rainy days ahead. A stronger and more reliable chimney crown is just a quick phone call away!

We Can Help With It All

In addition to these services, we also perform flashing repair, restoration work, troubleshooting services, cap and damper replacement, and more. Be sure to talk to us about waterproofing and leak prevention, too! We strive to do it all, so do not hesitate to reach out soon!