Cerfactory Flue Liners

Safety | Efficiency | Cost-effective

Whether you need a new liner due to chimney issues or you’re getting your current chimney up to code, a cerfactory flue liner might be the best option for you.

Reasons to Address Your Flue Liner:

You may have any of these reasons for relining your chimney:

  • To repair damage to the chimney liner caused by a chimney fire, water damage, lightning strikes or simple settling of the home.
  • To upgrade older chimneys which were constructed without chimney liners. This is incredibly important for the safety and enjoyment of your system.
  • To replace worn, deteriorated liners that may allow smoke, creosote, or condensation to seep through the chimney walls.
  • To properly size the chimney for a new appliance (for example: converting from oil to gas heat).
  • Proper sizing–chimneys often need to be resized to perform properly. If an over-sized fireplace flue is used to vent a wood stove, excessive creosote and tar glaze may result. Additionally, the wood stove will not perform as well as it should if the flue is too big or too small.

When not met, there are difficulties with lighting the fire, maintaining the fire, smoke & draft, and even the clearance to combustibles (meaning a higher risk of a home fire).

Your Flue Options

Stainless Steel Liners

  • Matching an exact size of stainless steel liner to appliance collar requirement for efficiency

  • Ability to be used to replace severely damaged/broken Terra cotta flue liner tiles to enable continued use of the appliance or fireplace.

  • Has lifetime manufacture warranty.

Cerfractory Liner System

  • Preferred non- destructive repair method used in all circumstances unless the existing liner is so severely damaged it requires removal and replacement
  • Has a lifetime manufacture warranty
  • Relining or installing a stainless steel liner requires the removal of the existing terra cotta clay flue tiles to accommodate the new stainless steel liner and insulation
  • Removing terra cotta flue tiles can put undo stress on the chimney, which was not designed or constructed to be taken apart and reconstructed.

By using the ChimScan® Internal Evaluation Camera when conducting the chimney inspection, we’ll be able to see the entire run of the liner in 360 degrees. This allows us to determine the best suitable restoration solution for your chimney liner.

Give us a call and our certified team can answer any of your questions.