A Top-Sealing Damper Can Save Energy

Most fireplaces have what is called a throat damper. It is named that because it sits in the “throat” of the firebox, leading up to the flue. Although many throat dampers work just fine, a top-sealing damper (which sits at the top of the flue and seals the entire flue off so nothing can enter from the top) can outperform a throat damper any day. The placement of the top-sealing damper allows the air in the flue to heat up in the winter and cool in the summer, and can significantly cut down on conditioned air loss. The result: energy savings both in winter and summer months!
Top Sealing Damper

Top-Sealing Damper

Top Sealing Damper Cable in Firebox

Top-Sealing Damper Cable in Firebox

Top Sealing Cable to Operate Efficient Top Sealing Damper

Top-Sealing Cable to Operate Efficient Top-Sealing Damper

Heating Up a Room Full of Ice

Another way of looking at it is this: Imagine your chimney flue is a room that you’re trying to heating up. In the center is a tub full of ice. That ice is the cold air that is between the throat damper and the top of the flue. You are continually fighting to heat it before you light a fire in the fireplace (Think of priming the flue). In the summer, you are trying to cool it and prevent hot air from entering your home through the chimney. Getting a top-sealing damper seals this space off at the top and doesn’t let the outside air, hot or cold, invade that space. So it’s easier to light a fire and easier to keep your home comfortable. Additionally, replacing a broken or damaged damper can greatly improve the operation of your fireplace. The truth is, every fireplace should have a damper. A damper of any kind can cut down on temperate air loss. But we offer top-sealing dampers because they:

  • Eliminate down drafts
  • Seal out the rain (which can deteriorate the inside of your chimney)
  • Prevent nesting birds, squirrels and raccoons from entering your chimney
  • Plus, you get the potential energy savings!

If your fireplace does not have a damper or tight fitting glass doors, you could be pumping money up your chimney and out of your pocket! Put a stop to it by calling Clean Sweep of Anne Arundel County and scheduling an appointment to have your damper replaced with a top-sealing damper. You can also request an appointment online.


A thorough chimney inspection will pinpoint many potential problems with the operation and safety of your chimney. So be sure to take advantage of this feature of our chimney services offerings.