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All chimney systems are made up of metal and/or masonry, including those for oil and gas furnaces. While these materials are strong and durable, they can be damaged by water, fire, or just normal wear and tear from use or lack of use. When these parts fail, it’s important that you call a respected company to make the necessary chimney repairs before your next fire or activation of the furnace. Having a blaze that can reach upwards of 2000 degrees in a damaged or poorly functioning chimney can be incredibly dangerous to you, your family, and your home. What kind of repairs are commonly needed?

Clean Sweep AA - Chimney needing Repairs
Clean Sweep AA - Chimney Repairs

Common Chimney Repairs

  • Leaking chimneys & water entry: Everyone worries about fire when it comes to their fireplaces and wood stoves, but it is water that does the most damage. That’s why we spend a lot of time with clients discussing the best solutions to prevent water leaks in their chimney system. Our experts evaluate the system’s ability to keep water out of the chimney and supply the solutions necessary to keep damaging water from entering the system.
  • Chimney Flue Liner Repair: Another common repair comes when we find deteriorating flue tiles or mortar joints in a ceramic flue or deteriorated places in a metal flue. This means it’s time for a new or restored flue liner. The good news is there are options.

Below, we have listed some other common chimney repairs that we see often. If you feel or have ever been told you need to replace or repair any of these, just give us a call. We will be happy to take a look and give you a second opinion. If you would like to learn more about common chimney deterioration, we’ve put together a resource for you!

Chimney Crown — The crown is a masonry lid that covers the top of your masonry chimney. It essentially prevents water from seeping into the masonry below. Unfortunately, the crown can take quite a beating from Mother Nature, rendering it ineffective. Additionally, water-damaged or cracked chimney crowns can lead to costly repairs if not addressed in a timely manner. In other words, if the mortar crown on your chimney is loose, crumbling, or severely deteriorated, have it professionally repaired as soon as possible!

Clean Sweep AA - Chimney Crown Repairs

Masonry Repairs  Repointing or tuck pointing is required when the mortar joints in the masonry are disintegrating or cracked. Water damage and/or settling are typically to blame for this cracking and crumbling — that’s why we recommend waterproofing the newly repointed joints.

Clean Sweep AA - Masonry Repairs

Chimney Flashing  The purpose of the flashing of your chimney is to waterproof the junctures where the chimney penetrates the roof. Faulty or deteriorated flashing can cause water damage to the surrounding roof deck and, if left alone, the interior finishes of your home. The good news is that our technicians will evaluate this during an inspection because this area is susceptible to water penetration and leaks. And if you already have flashing problems, we can help! You can trust our flashing repair system, which is designed to stop leaks in faulty or deteriorated flashing. Its strength and flexibility will provide years of trouble-free service and help put a stop to water penetration of a faulty or deteriorated flashing system. Plus, it carries a lifetime warranty.

Clean Sweep AA - Chimney Flashing

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