Furnace Chimneys Need Annual Maintenance Too!

Servicing the furnace unit is not enough.

But I Got My Unit Serviced Already . . .

You already got your oil or gas unit serviced by the provider, but did you now these providers do not inspect or clean the attached chimney?

Gas and oil furnace and boilers are very popular in the Maryland area, and many homeowners make the mistake of ignoring the attached flue. Oil or gas technicians will inspect your furnace unit but they won’t inspect or sweep your flue. If clogs are present, you could face harmful toxins (including carbon monoxide) backing up into your home and affecting the health of loved ones and pets. Along with this, furnace chimney that need tune-ups will run less efficiently. This means higher energy bills and less overall heat, which is a lose-lose all around financially and environmentally.

You Can Call a Flue Professional for the Yearly Maintenance

The NFPA, National Fire Protection Association, strongly encourages these routine check-ups, so that you can rest easy knowing everything is in good condition with your flue.

Our staff is trained and certified to tackle jobs like these. We obtain, maintain, and renew various national certifications to ensure that we are more than qualified to take on any issue you throw our way. We are passionate about keeping homes in Anne Arundel County and all of its surrounding areas safer and more efficient, which is why we don’t skimp when it comes to the services we provide.