Do you own an oil furnace? If so, you likely have an oil technician come in regularly to check things over. This is a great idea and will benefit you down the line.

However, many homeowners feel that this inspection is sufficient for maintaining their oil furnace and chimney health, as well. This is not the case! These techs do not typically sweep and inspect the thimble and the entire chimney. Therefore, the furnace flue is often forgotten. Consequently, homeowners are only aware of it once they notice a problem. This is why it is important to schedule a yearly sweeping and inspection for your furnace when you schedule your maintenance for your oil furnace unit.

The exhaust or byproduct of oil furnaces and boilers is high in sulfur. When it combines with moisture it forms sulfuric acid. This can quickly deteriorate and damage the flue liner for your furnace. The flue liner can flake apart or spall. Thus causing the mortar joints erode, and holes or voids can form allowing carbon monoxide to seep into the home. A chimney that is unlined, not properly lined, or not sized properly will also allow these potential harmful gases to enter the home.

Scheduling a yearly sweeping and inspection for your oil furnace chimney is the key to maintaining a healthy chimney!

Why Is A Chimney Inspection So Important?

The certified sweep will inspect the condition of the flue liner. They will check to see if there is spalling, missing mortar joints, and the size of the flue. The inspection includes the chimney crown and the flashing. If there is a chimney cap, the condition of the cap as well as the masonry brick of the exterior chimney will also be checked. This is to see where moisture can get into the chimney. We can provide you with solutions on keeping moisture out of your oil furnace chimney.

Sweeping the chimney flue removes the oil soot deposits from the flue liner. A build up of soot deposits can restrict the air flow causing the system to “puff back into the home.” In addition, allowing carbon monoxide to spill back into the home, instead of exiting the home through the chimney flue.

Avoid these problems and more by investing in Clean Sweep of Anne Arundel County today! Our staff is CSIA trained and certified. So, we know what we are doing when it comes to the health of your oil or gas furnace chimney.

When Is The Best Time to Inspect?

Our clients typically schedule in the springtime ,when the heating season is over. Also, they will schedule another one in the summer to avoid the fall rush. No matter what time you want to schedule our staff is here for you. Call us up today with any questions. We look forward to making your oil furnace chimney healthy!