Are you looking to add a new look to your fireplace in your home? We don’t blame you! Fireplaces are inefficient and by adding a more efficient, cozy and welcoming aesthetic wood stove you will wish you had made the switch sooner. In addition, you can’t beat the heat you gain during the colder weather months. At Clean Sweep of Anne Arundel County, we have lots of great options for picking out the stove of your dreams. Learn more about these great products below!

Benefits Of A New Wood - Crofton MD - Clean Sweep AAConsidering A Wood Stove?

If you are thinking of investing in a brand new wood stove, but aren’t quite ready to take the final plunge, let us help convince you! There are many benefits to owning a wood-burning stove. Check them out!

  • Wood is an inexpensive fuel option. Also, you can purchase it at a low price or obtain it for free by cutting and seasoning your own! Just be sure any wood you use is cracked at the end, darker in color, smells musty (less fresh), and makes a hollow noise when clunked together. All of these factors indicate the wood is adequately dried out.
  • You gain a classic look and feel. There is no doubt that wood-burning appliances bring a unique atmosphere to a home. Nothing beats the sound of a crackling fire mixed with the sweet aroma of burning wood. If this is what you are looking for then wood-fueled is the choice for you!
  • No electricity is needed. Say good-bye to high electric bills when you invest in a wood-burning stove! In addition, should all of the power go out – due to weather, power line problems, or something else, you won’t be without heat. With one of these units in your home, you will always be prepared.

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We offer a variety of wood stove  that will make your room in your home be the center of attention. Our knowledgeable ,trained and certified staff can help you choose the right wood stove  for you. Once your unit is installed, we are here to keep it healthy with yearly inspections, sweepings, and overall maintenance.