A Clean Fireplace and Chimney for a Joyous Christmas Season

There is nothing more satisfying than hearing the roaring crackle of the fire and the toasty warm feeling of a fireplace. Don’t you just love the peace and serenity a fully functional chimney and fireplace gives? Don’t you just want to enjoy the moment worry and stress-free; just relaxing and unwinding and thinking of nothing more than memorable moments shared with loved ones. We aim for this kind of ambiance that’s why we invest in having a fireplace and chimney. But in order to get that oh-so-warm-and-cozy feeling, you have to make sure your chimney and fireplace should be in superb condition.

Why clean the fireplace and chimney

To get the most performance and enjoyment out of your chimney this season, make sure and keep it clean.

To get the most performance and enjoyment out of your chimney this season, make sure and keep it clean.

In order for this to happen, thorough cleaning and delicate maintaining of your chimney and fireplace is a must. Cleaning it can be a do-it-yourself activity for those who have the know-how and skills to do it and also if you have the necessary equipment needed. However, it is wise to leave this kind of situation to certified professionals. This is because there might be other problems that are occurring inside your chimney that you are totally unaware of. There is also the possibility of a more dangerous encounter with creosote build-up or blockages might threaten your life and cause irreversible damage to you and your home.

What a Chimney Sweep Does

The job of a chimney sweep is never easy. People often think it is easy for them but it’s actually so much more than what meets the eye. Cleaning is just a part of the whole package. As a matter of fact, it is only the simplest task a chimney sweep does. Their primary goal is to maintain the stability and accuracy of the chimney and to prepare it for extensive use once the holiday seasons start and when the temperature starts dropping.

How to Maintain Cleanliness in Your Chimney

Maintaining your chimneys and fireplaces can be easy for those who vigilantly maintained it from the time it was installed. But for those who did otherwise, this can cause numerous problems and make the job more challenging for a certified chimney sweep. There are four ways to maintain the cleanliness of your chimney.

First, hire a professional to survey all areas of your chimney at least once every six months; to make sure there are no blockages and no hidden and undesirable organisms or pests that stay there.

Second, have your chimney swept on a regular basis especially after the long winter season. This will prevent unnecessary and unwanted creosote, molds and the like to accumulate in your chimney walls.

Third, always make sure that after every use, there is proper disposal of debris and residue after open combustion. This will also prevent any untoward circumstances or accidents to happen.

Lastly, always see to it that there are no blockages in your chimney opening; bird nests, spider webs, etc. Water can also accumulate in your chimney during rainy days so it’s best to have chimney caps installed. If any of these instances occur, call a chimney sweep immediately.

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