Temperatures are rising and many are gearing up for home renovations and spring cleaning. We know that this to-do list can get long quickly. However, we cannot emphasize enough how important it is to add both a chimney sweeping and a dryer vent cleaning to it.

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The CSIA (Chimney Safety Institute of America) and National Fire Protection Association recommends scheduling a chimney inspection and sweeping at least once per year. While many think to do this right before their burning season, others find that spring is actually the best time of year to get a sweeping done.

There are many reasons this is beneficial. For one, your chimney will end up lasting longer. Throughout the winter, a lot of creosote and other similar substances build up and line your chimney. When it is allowed to just sit there throughout the hot months, it causes your brickwork and mortar to break down and deteriorate. This is terrible for the health of your chimney. You are much better off getting those nasty substances out early.

On top of this, all that soot and debris can cause nasty odors to creep into your home all summer long. Definitely not an ideal way to spend the next few months!

Lastly, scheduling your chimney sweeping in spring allows you the opportunity to book a time slot at your convenience. Fall and winter are chimney technicians busiest times. In addition, homeowners that wait until the last minute find themselves struggling to find an appointment time that works with their schedule. Ensure you get the care you need by scheduling your next sweeping with us today!

Book Your Dryer Vent Cleaning, Too!Spring Cleaning Your Chimney & Dryer Vent Image - Crofton MD - Clean Sweep AA

When you call on us to sweep your chimney, you should be scheduling dryer vent services, as well! Many do not realize the importance of performing regular maintenance on their dryer vent. Neglecting to do so can result in a lot of struggles when it comes to properly drying your laundry. It can also put your home and family at risk, as well.

A clogged or dirty dryer vent is capable of catching on fire and/or spreading poisonous toxins throughout the home. These venting systems need to be able to properly vent air. When they can’t do that, the appliance can easily overheat. Dryer lint, leaves, twigs, and nesting materials can all accumulate in your dryer vent over time. This is why you need to have them looked at and cleaned out today. Ensure your family stays safe all year!

Along with this, your dryer will not work as efficiently when the vent is not installed properly or as clean as they should be. If you notice that you need to run multiple loads to get your clothes dry, then something isn’t functioning right. Other signs include excessive heat, lint accumulation in and around the dryer, strange odors, and a broken lint trap or hood flap.

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