Every October the National Fire Protection Association declares one week as National Fire Prevention Week. It is all about educating parents, kids, homeowners, business owners, and community members on what steps they can take to reduce the risk of fire. It also offers various safety measures that people can take should they find themselves stuck in a burning building.

This year Fire Prevention Week is October 8-14. Since it’s coming up quick, we’re here to promote the event and provide you with some safety tips! Study up and do your best to spread the word and educate others. The more people know about fire safety, the safer our towns and cities will be.

Every Second Counts: Plan 2 Ways Out!

Let’s start by addressing FPW’s 2017 theme – Every Second Counts: Plan 2 Ways Out! The NFPA is promoting the importance of planning two potential escape routes from every room in your house. That way, everyone can react right away in the event of a fire and will not waste valuable time figuring out how to get out. When you’re stuck in a burning building, every second matters and quick reactions could make all the difference in whether or not everyone gets out safely.

The NFPA recommends making a map of your home, then encouraging family members to study it. Run a practice fire drill a couple of times a year to ensure the information really sticks. Also, keep in mind that shutting doors behind you as you exit may help prevent smoke, flames, and heat from spreading too fast. And remember – once you’re safely outside, stay outside.

Other Helpful Tips

We love Fire Prevention Week… Luckily, when you work with Clean Sweep of Anne Arundel County you get chimney safety tips and advice all year long! Our CSIA certified staff is always here to help you out with your home, chimney and dryer vents. Check out some more great tips below, then turn to us for all of your chimney and fireplace needs.

Are you curious about the best way to keep your chimney healthy and performing as it should year after year? It’s pretty simple… Invest in an annual chimney inspection by a CSIA certified professional! This is the best way to keep your chimney healthy and your appliances working efficiently. This also gives sweeps a chance to remove t creosote or soot from the flue, which can be very extremely harmful if it builds up too much.

We also strongly recommend investing in our dryer vent cleaning services at least once per year. Dirty dryer vents account for an alarming amount of fires every single year, and they can contribute to harmful toxins backing up into your home and affecting loved ones. On top of this, clogs keep your appliance from running efficiently and running multiple dryer loads a day will raise your energy bills significantly.

These are just some of many great things to keep in mind for a safer home. Call us today to learn more!