Regular, proper maintenance is just as important for your chimney’s overall health as it is for your personal health. You exercise regularly, take the multivitamin your doctor is constantly encouraging you to take, and brush and floss your teeth twice a day. The same level of care should be provided for your chimney system. You enjoy the warmth and ambiance it provides you during the cold winter months; why not ensure that it’s able to continue providing you with this warmth and ambiance well into the future?

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The Importance of Annual Inspections

Having your chimney inspected annually is akin to getting an annual physical at your doctor’s office. These annual inspections can help to identify any potential problems that weren’t there the previous year and can help to identify any changes you may need to make as far as your fires are concerned. For example, seeing that your creosote deposits have increased from one year to the next would indicate to you that perhaps your firewood wasn’t fully seasoned and/or your fires weren’t burning hot enough. Being provided with this new knowledge is like drawing a get out of jail free card. Don’t waste it!

The Importance of Chimney Sweeping

A clean chimney is a happy chimney; it’s also one that won’t catch on fire! Having your chimney swept alongside your annual inspection is a good habit to get into. The importance cannot be overstated! Creosote deposits, regardless of the level, are highly flammable. If allowed to buildup over time, this is a surefire (pun intended) recipe for a chimney fire, which can reach explosively high temperatures in a short period of time; chimney fires can quickly turn into a house fire with little to no notice or warning at all. Save yourself the hassle and heartache of having to sort through the charred remains of your cherished belongings and have your chimney swept regularly.

The Importance of Keeping Water Out

The presence of water can quickly harm an otherwise healthy chimney. Because of the general nature of the materials used to build a masonry chimney, it should surprise no one to learn that they can quickly absorb any water with which they come into contact. Once allowed to penetrate your masonry, the water really begins to wreak havoc. Freeze/thaw cycles continue this downward spiral from the inside out. In order to combat this issue well before it even becomes one, we encourage homeowners to consider having their chimney waterproofed. Waterproofing with ChimneySaver Water Repellent is a necessary step for those homeowners who are serious about prolonging the life of their chimney.

The CSIA-certified chimney professionals at Clean Sweep of Anne Arundel County are always at the ready to provide our clients with the knowledge necessary to make educated decisions about their chimney systems. We encourage everyone to take their chimney’s health as seriously as (if not more seriously than) they take their own health. If and when you’re ready to schedule your annual chimney maintenance, to have your chimney waterproofed, or to have any other chimney system repair or maintenance work performed, give us a call at 410-590-4800.