There is no doubt that winter weather can take its toll on your chimney and its appliance. Between freezing temperatures, snow and moisture exposure, and lots of use, your system can wind up going through stress. Many assume that once spring weather arrives, they put their chimney and its appliance care and maintenance on the back burner until fall comes back around. Unfortunately, this can wind up costing you down the line.

Your best option is to schedule an inspection, so that any issues can be addressed right away, leaving you with a strong, sturdy, and ready-to-use structure when temperatures drop again. The qualified crew at Clean Sweep of Anne Arundel County is ready to help you out.

Addressing Repairs Right Away

mason chimney with a chimney crown in need of repair

It is common knowledge that the sooner you address something, the better off you will be. After all, if your was making terrible noises and was not running properly, you wouldn’t wait to go to the car mechanic, right? You would go right away so that you could find out what is going on, get it fixed before matters get worse. The same goes for your chimney. Putting off repair work will only cause deterioration and safety issues to worsen, calling for expensive services later on.

Spring and summer is a great time to address chimney maintenance because we are more flexible and temperatures are ideal for repairs, installations, or upgrades. Come autumn you can put your system to use without having to wait for an appointment.

Protecting Against Spring Rains

Another reason to invest in inspections and other maintenance is to tackle water-related issues. During the winter months, your masonry brickwork underwent freeze/thaw which very common here in Maryland. Moisture seeps into the bricks and when the temperatures go below freezing the moisture freezes then thaws once the temperatures rise, this constant cycle weakens the mortar and bricks. Protecting your chimney by applying waterproofing products that are specifically made to prevent water entry but allow your chimney to breathe will prevent further issues from occurring against next winter.

It is also important to protect your system against a large amount of rain we so often receive this time of year. Because masonry is so absorbent it needs a strong, vapor permeable seal applied to it, so that water cannot easily enter and break things down.

Clearing Out Creosote

Finally, consider the effect that creosote can have on your line and the air quality of your home. Not only does it cause decay, but it is healthy to breathe if you and your family have respiratory issues. No one wants that pungent campfire smell in the home.

By removing it out now, you lessen the likelihood of smelly downdrafts entering your home, and you ensure your system is ready for use. All in all, a chimney that has been properly maintained is a safer and healthier chimney, so get our experts on the job and gain the peace of mind you deserve.

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