If you own a masonry chimney, then you’re likely well aware that waterproofing is an important step in your regular maintenance routine. Yet, many don’t realize just why this is such an effective step for keeping out water or why it’s so necessary for chimney health. Well, we’re here to help you understand more about the dangers of water damage and about how we can help you avoid it. Learn more below! How Chimney Water Repellent Works - Crofton MD - Clean Sweep

Beware The Freeze/Thaw Cycle

One of the biggest threats your brickwork can face is the freeze/thaw cycle. Picture your brickwork expanding and contracting multiple times a winter… that’s bound to put a lot of extra pressure on your system, right? Unfortunately, this is just what happens when water is absorbed into your brickwork.

Many don’t realize that brick and mortar soak in water so easily. After all, bricks are strong and sturdy, so it seems like should withstand about anything! Well, not exactly. Your masonry is actually quite absorbent and, when it’s not properly protected, it winds up facing a lot of wear and tear! Freezing temperatures cause the absorbed water to freeze and expand, forcing your masonry to expand with it. When it warms up, it thaws and the masonry settles. Overall, it’s quite a damaging process.

Other Issues With Water

Unfortunately, when it comes to water damage and your chimney, the freeze/thaw cycle isn’t all you need to worry about. Leaks can form causing all types of decay, rust, and deterioration, and you could face missing mortar joints and rotting woodwork, too. In the end, damage that isn’t addressed in a timely manner will get worse and worse and could eventually affect your home and chimney’s health.

Months or years of water penetration to your chimney results in interior and exterior deterioration that you may not notice if you do not have your chimney inspected yearly. This deterioration affects the proper functioning and safety of how your chimney should perform. Using your home heating appliance and chimney could put your home and family at risk.

About Our Waterproofing Services

There are lots of things we can do to help homeowners avoid issues with water damage and leaks. For example, installing a chimney cap, rebuilding your crown, and repairing broken flashing are just a few of the many ways we can assist you! Along with this, you’ll definitely want to invest in waterproofing, and we believe our water repellent is the best option for you.

Paints and other sealants are known for stopping water, but they don’t allow your chimney to evaporate fumes and vapors, as necessary. This means any moisture that was already trapped inside of your brickwork is now stuck there! This is obviously less than ideal, which is why we encourage customers to trust in us from the very start. Our products provide the long-lasting protection you’re looking for while allowing your chimney to breath. It’s the best of both worlds! Ask our team about all we can offer you by giving us a call today!