If you own a masonry chimney, then you’ve likely enjoyed countless fires over the years. There’s no doubt they add the perfect atmosphere to any occasion, especially with the holidays coming up, but that’s only if all its parts are functioning cohesively together. A lot of things influence whether you have good air flow and proper drafting. If parts of your system are broken down or blocked up, you’ll experience a lot of issues, such as smoke back-up, excess creosote accumulation, a higher risk of house fires, and more.

Learn more about how your chimney works below, then call us in for your yearly inspection. We’ll do a thorough examination and assess whether or not any further action is required to get your system back to functioning as it should. There’s no team more qualified to help you out than us!

About Your Firebox

Masonry Brick Chimney on Roof - Crofton MD - Clean Sweep of Anne Arundel CountyThe firebox is where your fires are built, and keeping this area in prime condition is essential to proper functioning and overall chimney health. The firebox takes on a lot of heat and wear and tear since this where the wood actually burns. Let us examine yours today to ensure no deterioration is present. Learn how your masonry firebox and fireplace overall is built.

About Your Flue Liner

Now, in order for gases to safely travel up and out of the chimney, the chimney itself needs to be adequately protected. This is where the flue liner comes into place. It protects your system from the acidic byproducts that your fires produce, all of which can break things down in a hurry. The more things crumble, the weaker your structure becomes, and this process also leaves gaps and pathways through which flames and fumes could escape into your home.

About Your Smoke Chamber

The smoke chamber (or smoke shelf) is the area above your firebox, and it helps to guide the smoke away from your living space and up through the chimney. It should be smooth to allow easy flow and If not built properly in proportion to your chimney, the smoke chamber could wind up sending smoke and potentially hazardous fumes, like carbon monoxide, back into your home.

Call Us For More Information!

There are obviously many more parts of your chimney’s anatomy, all of which serve an important purpose. Your chimney crown, damper, flashing, mortar, and more all play a unique role in how well your system operates, and they all need attention from time to time. Our experts have engaged in various educational opportunities and our 40 years worth of experience guarantee we really know our stuff. Our professional chimney technicians also hold ourselves to account by the rigorous standards of the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), and always act on best practices. Count on us to locate the cause of the problem, then provide the proper services and products necessary to resolve it. We’ll have you up and running again in a hurry!

If you’re having trouble or if you have a question about the function of one of your chimney or heating appliance parts, please give us a call. Also, you should Click here to learn what our process here at Clean Sweep of Anne Arundel County is when it comes to our basic chimney inspections. We’re eager and ready to help out customers throughout our entire service area!