Many houses have problems with their chimneys that turn out to be water leakage. Evidence for this problem includes water running down the flue,water noted in the firebox, water running down the brickwork in the attic or inside the house, or the exposed brick chimney gets damp and the deposits of white lime form on the outside of the brick. If you think you have a leaking problem do not ignore the signs, water can profusely leak inside your house and cause great damage to your property.

Check your chimney both inside and out of the home.Evidence of water is easily detected inside the house through stains or swollen walls. Check the exterior chimney of all of its parts.

Does your chimney have chimney cap?

Is your chimney crown cracked or deteriorated?

Does the chimney have missing mortar?

Is the flashing missing, inadequate or deteriorated?

Has your masonry chimney been water proofed?

If you are not sure of the things you see, hire a professional certified chimney sweep to inspect them.