Your flue and chimney do a lot for your home and home heating appliance by helping all heat and gases produced by the appliance safely escape outdoors. This means your flue liner for your furnace, fireplace or wood stove ends up taking on a lot of stress, wear and tear and every liner needs yearly maintenance. If you’re feeling worried about the condition of your flue liner, give the team here at Clean Sweep of Anne Arundel County a call today!Man Building or Repairing Chimney While On Roof

Benefits Of A Well-Working Flue Liner

When a flue liner is installed correctly and in good condition, you’ll notice an immense difference in how well your fireplace and furnace operates. For one thing, it insulates your chimney, allowing you more energy savings, less wood, oil or gas and preventing the admittance of cold outside air into your home. Come winter time, this is a welcome advantage, and homeowners love seeing their energy bills drop after correcting issues with a faulty liner.

These energy savings are a welcome benefit, but more importantly a flue liner plays a major role in keeping your home and fireplace safer. For one thing, it keeps your brickwork and mortar in better shape by preventing exposure to the acidic and corrosive substances produced by the fire. If your brickwork starts crumbling, pathways are created that enable smoke and harmful fumes to enter your living space. This will also reduce the overall lifespan of your chimney.

As you can imagine, exposure to certain gases can lead to bad illnesses and can even be fatal when not readily addressed. Carbon monoxide is a prime example of this. It is colorless and odorless, making it nearly impossible to detect, and it has a very negative impact on the health of those exposed. That’s why maintaining your chimney and having carbon monoxide detectors installed throughout the home are both such vital steps to keeping your loved ones safer.

A flue liner also minimizes the risk of heat and flames reaching other parts of your home. Without a liner in place, flames could potentially travel to adjacent woodwork in just a matter of hours!

All in all, your system will run more efficiently, you’ll experience better air flow, and you’ll be able to get the most from your fireplace and furnace experience, guaranteeing countless comfortable and cozy evenings indoors. You deserve that! Don’t settle for anything less than the best, and be sure to count on our team of experts today.

Schedule Your Inspection Today

Annual inspections are a key part of ensuring your chimney is running great before the start of every burning season. If you have yet to schedule yours, get it on the books today! We’ll ensure your liner is ready for use this fall. Get on the phone with our team right away. We’re ready to serve you!