Chimney Cricket Image- Crofton MD - Clean Sweep AAWater penetration and damage can prematurely shorten the life of your chimney and your home costing you hundreds and thousands of dollars in repairs. That is why we believe in preventative maintenance from water intrusion for your chimney.

One area of your roof that can be especially susceptible to leaks is at the base of chimney and roof. If your chimney is at the bottom of a slope on your roof, this area is a potential point of weakness in your chimney. Water can repeatedly make its way under the flashing and cause a slow, seeping leak that can cause extensive damage before it is noticed, identified, and repaired. One way to protect your roof and chimney from leaking at the chimney is with a chimney cricket.

What is a chimney cricket?

A cricket is a tent-shaped piece of metal, but it is often covered in roofing material and sealed with additional flashing that is placed at the high side of your chimney. The cricket helps to divert water away from your chimney’s base and down the sides of your roof. As added protection,it prevents water from flowing down the roof and gathering at the chimney base at the roof.

When should a chimney cricket be installed?

The National Fire Protection Association 211 standards and the International Residential Code call for the installation of a cricket on the high side of chimneys that are wider than 30 inches. While those are the only code regulations regarding crickets, there are other situations in which a cricket should be considered. If chimneys are placed on a portion of the roof that handles a lot of rain water, a cricket can be crucial to protecting your roofline from a leak. If you live in an area that endures a lot of wet weather — whether it’s rain or snow — a cricket also is a good idea. Finally, if you’ve suffered a roof leak at the base of your chimney in the past, a chimney cricket is one way you can protect your roof and chimney from suffering another leak in the future.

What are the other benefits of a chimney cricket?

In addition to diverting water from the base of your chimney, a chimney cricket also can protect your chimney in other ways. Without a cricket, debris such as leaves and sticks can build up at the base of your chimney, which can be detrimental to your roofline. That debris can rot and mold and wear out the roof at your chimney’s base prematurely. Water that pools at the base of your chimney also can freeze during the winter months, putting pressure on and damaging your roof.

How can you protect your chimney with a cricket?

If you are worried about water leaks at the base of your chimney, or if you have suffered a water leak in the past and want to prevent a future one, call the chimney experts at Clean Sweep of Anne Arundel County today! We can install a cricket and explain other ways to keep your chimney protected from water damage. If you already have a cricket in place, make sure your chimney sweep inspects the cricket and flashing as part of your annual chimney sweeping and inspection to make sure it’s in good condition.