Have you utilized our services in the past? If you have, we want to hear about your experience! The staff at Clean Sweep of Anne Arundel County takes all of our customer reviews very seriously, and we use feedback to make our company the best it can be.

Did You Like Us?

Did we exceed your expectations for quality customer service? Would you recommend our services to friends and family? If so, we want to know! If we performed a service exceptionally well or acted in a manner that was easy and comfortable to work with, we would love to hear what you liked so we can continue doing it. We want to ensure you get the same high quality service every time you turn to us! Your reviews not only tell us what we are doing right, but help others in the area find great places to do business with, as well. If you have ever needed a service, but didn’t know how to decide on a company, you may have utilized online reviews for guidance. Help others make a choice that they won’t regret by writing about your positive experience right away.

What Can We Improve On?

If your experience wasn’t the best, we want to hear about that, too. These reviews are helpful, as well, and can guide us in providing better service in the future. We just ask that you follow these guidelines provided by the Better Business Bureau, so that the information you offer is as helpful as possible to both us and others. If we did not meet your expectation, we care! Please call our office so we can discuss your concerns and allow us an opportunity to make it right.

  • Take Your Time: If you are feeling upset, we understand wanting to vent your frustrations out immediately. Yet, taking a day to process what happened and find the best words possible will help us clearly understand the situation in its entirety.
  • Be Respectful: A review filled with sarcastic or rude comments helps no one. Try to see the other side of every situation. This makes your outlook appear more credible and removes any biases. Your honesty will be more appreciated and your review as a whole will be taken more seriously by everyone.
  • Leave Out Names: If you know the names of specific employees who were difficult to work with, you may be anxious to call them out on their bad behavior. This is not the recommended approach. Instead, focus on the situation itself, rather than on the specific people involved.
  • Strive For Accuracy: We understand that bad experiences happen, but there are usually at least some positive notes in every story. Being honest and accurate throughout the entire review means discussing the bad AND the good.

If we have worked with you before, we want to work with you again! Let us know how we did so we can offer the best service every time. Thanks for your feedback – we look forward to serving you!