It’s the time of year we show our love to those around us with flowers, candy and heart-shaped cards. Why not show your chimney some love, too? After all, your chimney allows you to enjoy warm, romantic fires while keeping your home and family safe from a house fire or carbon monoxide poisoning. The best way to show your appreciation for your chimney is with a sweeping and inspection from a chimney sweep technician certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA).

No one loves your chimney like a CSIA-certified chimney sweep technician.

When you’re looking for a chimney sweep , the major problem is that anyone with the right equipment, regardless of their training or experience, can call themselves a chimney sweep. That’s why it’s important to look for a CSIA-certified chimney sweep technician. CSIA-certified technicians have to undergo training and education about the care and performance of fireplaces, chimneys and heating stoves.

CSIA-certified chimney sweep technicians are trained and must pass examinations in industry best practices for chimney cleaning and inspection; the construction and mechanics of chimneys; the process through which wood burns and creosote forms; codes and standards for the construction of chimneys and vents, and the installation of fireplaces; and EPA requirements.

No one loves their customers like a CSIA-certified chimney sweep technician.

chimney sweepers - Crofton MD - Clean Sweep of Anne Arundel CountyIn addition to being educated and trained in installing, cleaning and maintaining fireplaces and chimneys, CSIA-certified chimney sweep technicians pledge to uphold the CSIA’s code of conduct. That means they’ll treat you as well as they treat your chimney. Under that code of conduct, CSIA-certified sweeps must put into practice the CSIA’s industry best practices; know and comply with all local codes related to chimneys, fireplaces and heating stoves; follow all manufacturer’s instructions for installing, repairing and maintaining stoves, chimneys and fireplaces; be professional at all times; and advise their clients on safety matters related to their chimneys, fireplaces and stoves.

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A good relationship with your fireplace, wood stove, furnace and chimney begins with regular cleaning and maintenance. That keeps your fireplace,furnace and stove running efficiently and protects your home from the danger of a chimney fire and carbon monoxide poisoning. When you schedule an appointment with a CSIA-certified chimney sweep technician, he or she will thoroughly sweep your chimney and fireplace or heating stove. Following that sweeping, all of the components of your chimney and fireplace will be inspected to make sure they are free from damage and in good working order.

If you’re looking for a chimney sweep who will be a perfect match, call Clean Sweep of Anne Arundel County. Our CSIA-certified chimney sweep technicians will show your fireplace, wood stove, furnace and chimney the love it deserves! We’ll leave it in perfect condition for many more warm, romantic fires.