Happy New Year! Between gift buying, holiday parties, and endless hours baking in the kitchen, the holiday season never fails to keep people busy. If you didn’t get around to scheduling your annual chimney inspection in 2016, then now is the time! With Christmas behind us and a new year beginning, there is no excuse. Ensure your chimney is safe for use by calling on us today!

Why Is This Important?

The CSIA recommends fireplace owners have their chimney inspected at least once per year. If you use your appliance on a regular basis, you would be wise upping this number to two or three times per year. But why is this necessary? There are more than a few reasons why scheduling an annual inspection is important.

If you are thinking of opting out, check out some of the things that may occur:

  • Blockages: Animals that live nearby often turn to chimneys as a handy spot to store food and build nests. Yet, what’s convenient for them is definitely not ideal for you! All of this extra debris blocks up your chimney, so proper ventilation cannot occur. This means smoke back-up, creosote build-up, and more!
  • Fires: Dirty chimneys lead to chimney fires. The more creosote you have, the higher your risk! Creosote is very flammable, so having it cleaned out on a regular basis is vital for keeping your home and family as safe as possible.
  • Carbon Monoxide: When fumes cannot vent properly, it means that harmful toxins are backing up into your home. Inhaling these toxins can be very harmful to your health! Carbon monoxide lands hundreds in the hospital and could potentially be fatal if not treated right away. Since this gas is colorless and odorless, it is important to have a detector installed in your home. Purchase one today!
  • Inefficiency: Overall, your fireplace will not run as well if things are not in the best condition possible. Your home will be at a heightened risk for damage, your friends and family will be in harm’s way, and you might end up facing a lot of repair costs for issues that could have been easy fixes, if addressed right away. Call on us, so we can set you up right!

Hire A CSIA-Certified Expert Today

When you hire a chimney company, you want to know their technicians are trained and certified to give you the best information and service possible. That is why the staff at Clean Sweep of Anne Arundel County takes pride in being CSIA-certified! We know how important it is to run a safe, clean, and efficient appliance, and we take customer satisfaction very seriously.

The CSIA is highly acknowledged all throughout the US and has created a standard as far as how a chimney should run and look. We hold these credentials because we know they speak volumes for how we do business.

Turn to a company you can trust – call on us today!