Summer is a great time to invest in your annual chimney maintenance for more reasons than one. First of all, you’ll experience more convenient scheduling, as our chimney technicians are more flexible, and you’ll have plenty of time to get inspections, repairs, and build-up addressed before Fall. As you can see, early scheduling makes your fall less stressful, but it can have a big impact on your summer, too! Learn more below, then get in touch with the team at Clean Sweep of Anne Arundel County now.

Avoid Water Damage

Exposure to rains and moisture can cause your chimney to break down in a hurry. When your system isn’t adequately protected, it’s not hard for water to penetrate and trigger all kinds of problems! Missing mortar joints, for example, are known to Start Summer Off With An Inspection - Crofton MD - Clean Sweepoccur when excess moisture is present, and when using your home heating appliance for the first time missing mortar joints or holes is obviously going to affect the performance and safety of your chimney. But missing mortar joints aren’t all you’ll notice… Brickwork and exterior mortar will crumble, your metal components will rust, and you’ll notice deterioration all throughout your liner, crown, and other parts, too. All of these things compromise the structural integrity of your fireplace and make it extremely unsafe for you and family members to use. Avoid these issues and others by calling in our team of experts today. We’ll thoroughly inspect the inside and outside of your chimney for safety and water intrusion issues and provide you with an estimate to perform repairs to ensure that you have peace of mind on the health and performance of your chimney.

Prevent Unwanted Guests

Another thing we can check for is the presence of birds and other woodland animals. With warmer weather here, there are a lot more critters out and about, hoping to find the perfect spot to build nests, and chimneys are often ideal for just this! Unfortunately, these creatures all too often get stuck and cannot get out, meaning you’re faced with a big problem. We can look for any nesting materials and make sure no animals have access to your chimney, so you can rest easier this summer knowing you won’t have to stress about a thing. Most of the time, the animal will have entered through the top of the chimney, so having a cap installed is vital.

Reduce Unpleasant Odors

Finally, a clean chimney ensures you’re not facing nasty smells in your living room. When the heat and humidity of summer show up, it’s typical to notice some bad odors entering through the chimney, but a good sweeping will reduce these smells dramatically. You deserve to enjoy your summer to the fullest, so count on us to help you out right away!

When Fall Comes, You’ll Be All Set!

Our CSIA certified crew provides top-notch inspection and sweeping services, so why not get everything out of the way now? When fall comes, you won’t be stuck struggling to make an appointment or pushing back the kick-off date for your burning season. Instead, you’ll be able to sit back and use your home heating appliance at the first sign of colder temps! Call now – you won’t regret it.