When summer storms arrive, you want to be as prepared as possible. That means prepping your chimney to stand strong through it all! At Clean Sweep of Anne Arundel County, we can help you out. Whether it’s dealing with water damage or taking steps to prevent it, we have got you covered, and our CSIA certified staff is more than qualified to help you out.

Check out all we can offer you below!

Moisture & Your Chimney

When it comes to your chimney system, you want to do everything you can to keep water at bay. There are multiple issues that could occur when your system faces this kind of exposure. Learn more about some of these issues below, then find out how we can help you prevent them!Summer Storms and Leaky Chimneys Image - Crofton MD - Clean Sweep of Anne Arundel County

  • Freeze/Thaw Process: We first want to address the freeze/thaw process. The freeze/thaw process occurs when water is absorbed into the brick, then expands when temperatures drop and the water freezes. It thaws back out in the spring, but not without damaging your chimney… You see, as the water expands, so does the brick, and when it melts, the brick settles, putting a lot of pressure on your system.
  • Rust: There are a lot of metal components to your chimney system (flashing, chimney caps, etc.), and these will rust if water pools and sits on them. Rust leads to holes, cracks, and more, which leaves your entire fireplace vulnerable to leaks and other damage.
  • Clogs: Running an efficient heating appliance such as a fireplace, wood stove or gas or oil furnace requires good ventilation. When your system can’t properly vent fumes they simply turn around and are released into your living area. This leaves your home smelling smoky and it could be detrimental to your family’s health, as well.
  • Stains: Water can also cause stains and mold to form throughout your structure. This looks unsightly and is a clear sign that damage is weakening your entire chimney system. Save your brickwork from extensive repair by investing in preventive measures as soon as possible.
  • Decay/Deterioration: When it’s all said and done, water damage will cause your entire structure to wear down and deteriorate. The longer you go without repairs, the worse off you will be in the long rain. Investing in small repairs now is a much better option than pouring money into big renovations later. Make the right choice – contact us today!

What Can We Do?

So, what can we do to keep your chimney safer? There are multiple options. First of all, we can install a chimney cap. Chimney caps are one of the easiest and least expensive ways to keep water from pooling in your home heating appliance. We can find the perfect fit for your home, so that you are not left vulnerable.

We can also waterproof your brickwork! Our products provide a strong, yet breathable, cover for your chimney, so that water won’t be penetrating your bricks anytime soon.

On top of everything, we will ensure that your crown, flashing, and roofing materials are all in top shape, and we can fix them if they need some work. And ask us about our tuckpointing services, too! When it comes to leaky chimneys, you can count on us for everything! Call today.