Dryer exhaust vent cleaning and inspections are more important than ever due to where dryers are located now in newer homes. Traditionally, dryers and their vents were located near an outside wall. Now they are located in center bathrooms, kitchens and hall closets which are great for convenience,but not so great for maintenance. These new locations tend to make the dryer exhaust vent have more bends and longer distances to accommodate their path to exit the home.  This additional length and bending create more places where lint can collect as well as where birds and animals can hide.

Dryer Vent Cleaning - Clean Sweep of Anne Arundel County MD

The build up of lint and debris can cause the dryer to work too hard and run longer than necessary leading to driving your energy costs up and increasing the wear and tear of your dryer. In addition, the lint and debris create potentially hazardous conditions including carbon monoxide intrusion and exhaust fires as the debris/ lint can catch fire. Sometimes the duct joining the dryer to the wall, known as the transition duct could be plastic which is flammable and should be replaced with non- flammable metal duct.

As you can see there are several reasons why having your dryer vent exhaust cleaned and inspected regularly by a dryer vent professional is of major importance.