Fireplaces have become a hot commodity for many homebuyers in recent years, and they can really make or break a sale. Surveys have shown that they are ranked as one of the three amenities buyers most want in a new home. On top of that, the majority of new homes—approximately 60 percent—are being built with a fireplace. Maintaining a chimney system can be an expensive endeavor; however, not maintaining the system can prove costlier.

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If you were to turn back the clock 50 years, you’d think that the traditional fireplace was but a thing of the past. Central heating had taken over as the main source of warmth for the majority of homes, and fireplace numbers were on a constant decline. Across the country, fireplaces were being boarded up, plastered or dry walled over or ripped out and tossed on the scrapheap. If we fast forward to today, fireplaces are reappearing in homes as quickly as they had fallen out of favor in years prior.

The Chimney System and its Value to Your Home

Although fireplaces are not typically accounted for specifically in home appraisals, they most definitely add value to a home, and buyers of properties of all sizes are seeking them out. Many potential homebuyers will readily admit that they would pay more for a home with at least one fireplace than they would for the same home with no fireplace. A fine marble surround or contemporary unit can not only seal the proverbial deal on a sale, but can also add thousands to the property’s value. At the same time, a home with a fireplace in disrepair can quickly cause a prospective homebuyer to consider other available options, thereby decreasing the amount they would be willing to pay, if not scaring them away altogether.

Maintenance Is a Key Ingredient

Chimney system maintenance and repairs are like death and taxes—they’re inevitable. Making those minor repairs as soon as issues arise will help you prevent (or at least postpone) major chimney system repairs. Some parts are exposed to the elements more than others and are adversely affected by them, while other parts are exposed to the heat of your fires, thereby causing them to wear out faster. Either way you cut it, these parts will inevitably need to be replaced at one point or another. Most homeowners never think about chimney maintenance until something goes wrong. Unfortunately, ignoring your chimney can cost you big! Problems that are addressed early on can prevent bigger issues down the road; small repairs are far less costly than larger ones.

The appeal of a natural fire is not just the warm glow it adds to your living area. With gas and electricity costs constantly on the rise, a solid fuel fire can even save money on heating bills. The fireplace can add style and glamor to a home. We know that your home and family are important to you, and we take pride in providing service and information you can trust. When you contact us to set up your next appointment, you’ll know that you’re doing business with the best chimney services company in Maryland!