Considering a gas fireplace for your home? We can help! Gas fireplaces are extremely easy to control, and it is also very convenient to start a fire with a simple flip of a switch. They have become more popular over the years as homeowners realize their advantages, so it’s understandable why our customers continue to convert to this mess-free, easy-to-operate option.

However, there are a few factors to consider if you do decide on a gas fireplace for your home. Along with the style and design of these systems, you will also need to choose between direct vent, ventless, or natural gas options.

Direct Vent

gas fireplace with stone surroundDirect vent fireplaces use air from the outdoors to vent your fireplace. If you are concerned about fumes and dangerous gases entering your home, then this is a safer option for you. They are also highly efficient, and you won’t lose heat through the vent because it is completely sealed off. You also get more options when it comes to where to place them. Since they are vented through the wall or roof, you do not need a chimney to install one in your home.


Ventless gas options cause some homeowners to worry, as there is a risk of the byproducts entering your home. While it may produce odors that aren’t ideal for people with sensitive noses, ventless options are built safer nowadays. They are very convenient to use, as they don’t require chimney or venting systems. They are also known for being highly efficient, so you won’t need to worry about losing any heat! For many, ventless options are the perfect way to get that extra warmth in their home. Ask us about your options today.

Natural Gas

Natural gas is efficient, affordable, and better for the environment. However, they are not quite as flexible when it comes to placement, as they must be vented through the roof. They provide adequate warmth for homeowners, if this is what you are looking for. Ready to install one of these in your home? Our team is here to help!

Still Have Questions?

Ready for a new fireplace? We know it’s a hard decision! A fireplace is a big investment, so you want to ensure you get one that is worthwhile! Let our team help you with any of your questions and concerns. We guarantee satisfaction, call us at 410-590-4800 today!