No matter what type of fuel your heating appliance uses, annual inspections and regular upkeep is necessary. When it comes to ensuring your system is running safely and efficiently, regular maintenance is a must. At Clean Sweep of Anne Arundel County, our technicians are qualified and experienced in servicing your gas, wood, and oil burning appliances.

Why Now?

clean sweep AA truckSo, why is this time of year ideal for scheduling your yearly maintenance? First of all, it is the end of burning season for most people. It is a great time to call our certified techs now, so we can clear out all signs of soot, creosote and debris. Along with this, you won’t have to worry about the humid summer air swooping through and bring unpleasant campfire odor into your home.

Another reason to schedule an inspection now is to ensure you get a time slot that better accommodates your busy schedule. At Clean Sweep Anne Arundel County, we do our best to work with our clients when it comes to scheduling. In the spring and summer months we are more flexible, which is why we suggest getting your annual inspection now, rather than waiting until the start of the burning season.

The advantages of scheduling now

Our thorough inspection also will leave you with peace of mind that your chimney is safe. Scheduling now also gives you plenty of time to address any needed repairs in a suitable temperature range. The temperatures and weather conditions right now is the perfect range to address masonry repairs, as they need warmer temperatures to cure and set properly.

Why Are Sweepings and Inspections So Important?

Annual chimney inspection and sweeping keep your chimney running efficiently and safe. Most homeowners do not think of chimney maintenance until an issue arises. However, you should protect your chimney and home by having regular maintenance. Water could be entering your chimney to cause early deterioration and damage to your home. Chimney fires are often quiet events, and they could also be causing all kinds of issues to the interiors of your chimney. Many times, homeowners continue to use their system, unaware that damages have occurred. Then, they ends up with a house fire or carbon monoxide leak.

Wondering about your gas or oil-fueled appliance? They need to be swept and inspected too! Homeowners need to keep their gas or oil flues healthy to avoid carbon monoxide leaks. All in all, sweeping and inspections are services you should never put off.

We Want To Hear From You

We love serving homeowners in and around Anne Arundel, Prince Georges and Howard counties. Our trained and experienced crew is eager to help you with all your chimney-related needs. Let’s work together to keep your home and chimney safe and healthy. Give us a call today at 410-590-4800 schedule your appointment!