Most masonry chimneys need a damper. A typical throat damper sits in your chimney, and it comes equipped with the ability to open and close, as needed, so that you can better control draft and air flow through your flue. When your heating appliance is not in use, your damper should be closed, ensuring no outside air comes inside of your home. In the winter, you don’t lose heat, and in the summer you won’t lose your cool air conditioning.

Once you decide to light a fire, you open the damper, thus allowing smoke and fumes to safely escape outdoors. As you can see, dampers serve a very important purpose, and ensuring yours is in good condition is vital before you kick of your burning season this fall.chimney cap with new crown

Getting The Most From Your Damper

Now, there are ways you can utilize your damper to impact how big or small your fires burn. How wide the damper is opened impacts how much oxygen gets to your fire, which then controls how intense it ends up burning. With some trial and error, you can easily figure out the perfect position for your damper, so you get the best burn every time!

Another way to get more from your damper is to consider switching to a top sealing damper. This is an upgrade you’ll be happy you made! Top sealing dampers are extremely energy efficient, and they provide a tighter seal, so you don’t have to stress about wasting energy and money in the power bills.

Top sealing dampers are also great for keeping out animals, water, and excess debris, as they are placed at the top of the chimney, rather than the throat. They offer your appliance more protection and more energy efficient throughout the year.

Do You Need A New Damper?

If you need a new damper, there’s no time to lose. It’s common for throat dampers to rust and wear, leaving gaps for wind and cold air to get through or hot air to come in during the summer months. Throat dampers also get stuck when too much corrosion has occurred, or if debris has built up on top of it. Because of this, we suggest switching to a top sealing damper if your current model is giving you trouble or if you want to upgrade for more efficiency.chimney cap on new crown

Throat dampers have been doing a great job for homeowners throughout the years, but there’s simply no denying that top sealing dampers have the advantage. They seal tighter, and we’re certain you’ll see a shift in your monthly bills, as well, saving you money month-to-month. Without all that cold air sweeping down your flue, your home will stay cozier and warmer than ever this winter!

Give the team here at Clean Sweep of Anne Arundel County a call today, and we’ll be happy to help you out. We’ll inspect your system to ensure you are all set and ready to go for the colder weather that will be on its way soon. There’s no time to lose! Call today!