The Reason Your Dryer Takes Too Long

Have you noticed there’s something wrong going on inside your dryer? The hard part is in identifying what the problem is and knowing how to fix it.  This is why you will need our expert opinion and help on the matter. We are here to lessen the stress and help you solve your dryer issues.

What are the Signs to Look For

Your dryer may be trying to tell you that you need to pay attention to your vents.

Your dryer may be trying to tell you that you need to pay attention to your vents.

It could be that you need a new heating element. Or maybe you’ve just forgotten to clean the lint trap. Worst case scenario — you have to replace your appliance. But before you whip out the credit card, how long has it been since you had your vents cleaned by a technician?

Dirty vents can result in your dryer not doing its job efficiently. You may notice that you are having to dry clothes much longer than usual. Now, this not only costs you time and energy (and money), it can also put you at increased risk from a house fire. Lint is flammable.

If your dryer is having to work extra hard to dry the clothes, you may notice the dryer is hot. Or, it may be that the room is warmer. It doesn’t take long for this overheating to damage your appliance. Have you noticed excessive lint? This also is a signal you need a vent cleaning. One other clue? There is a musty smell around the dryer.

What Do I Do Now?

If you notice any of these things, call us for an appointment right away. Here is what we will do upon arrival:

  • Take the measurement of airflow using an air flow meter.
  • Visually inspect the dryer vent and flexible ducting from the wall to ensure maximum functionality
  • Connect the Hepa-Vacuum system to the dryer vent duct and run special brushes to remove lint,birds nesting and other possible obstructions
  • We can replace the transition connection if necessary, using state -of-the-art all-metal dryer venting products

Lets get you started — saving money, time and worry.