Is your chimney leaking? We have had our share of rainy days thus far, which has been great for your lawn and flowers, but not your chimney. Did you know that water is the main enemy of your chimney? Water can damage your chimney, which affects the performance and safety of the system. With our forty one years of experience, we have found common reasons why your system could be leaking. The team at Clean Sweep of Anne Arundel County is ready to help resolve your water leak issues today.

No Chimney Cap

masonry chimney topIs your chimney cap missing or damaged? Then it is time to invest in a new one! A chimney cap covers the opening of your flue, so that water does not pour into your system. They also keep animals out, along with the nesting materials and excess debris they tend to leave behind. Tired of wind swooping through your chimney and bringing drafts into your home? A cap can help with that, too. They are also known for stopping sparks from landing on your roof. Every chimney needs a chimney cap. Our team is knowledgeable, and we have a variety of styles and colors to pick from.

Unprotected Brickwork

Did you know bricks are very porous and soak up water like a sponge? Once water soaks into your brickwork and mortar, it will not be long before you notice cracks, crumbling, and other types of decay and deterioration. Along with this, your bricks will go through the freeze/thaw process, which puts a lot of stress and pressure on your system. Don’t let excess moisture ruin the look and function of your chimney. However, you should invest in waterproofing services from our team. We guarantee the protection your chimney needs while ensuring your structure remains vapor permeable.

Broken Chimney Crown

The chimney crown plays a huge role in leak prevention by sending water away from your brickwork. Unfortunately, because of its location, it is exposed to the elements 24/7. It can take on a lot of wear and tear on your crown and cause it to break and crack. You should invest in regular repairs and maintenance, if you own a chimney. Our team is equipped to help with any crown repairs or rebuilds, and we are ready to restore your chimney!

Rusted Or Damaged Flashing

Chimney flashing is designed to keep water out of your chimney. The flashing works to protect the vulnerable spot where your roof and chimney meet. Because these two things are made from different materials, they expand and contract at different rates, giving water access to your home and fireplace. Overtime, your flashing can experience rust, along with other damages. By hiring a professional to repair your chimney to keep water out is the best way to protect your chimney. Our team is here to help, so give our team a call today to set up an appointment.

We know how frustrating water leaks and water-related damages can be, so let us help with any preventative maintenance you need to live a safer and more comfortable life. We’re ready to help today!