Regular chimney maintenance is a necessary step for all your home heating appliances, especially your oil or gas furnace chimney system. We have learned from your clients that they believed that their furnace flue was part of their service contract OilGas Furnace Flue Inspection Before Fall - Crofton MD - Clean Sweepperformed by their fuel or utility company, but that is not the case. Leaving many homeowners unsure of the condition or hidden damages of their system. For folks in Anne Arundel, Prince George’s and Howard counties, the crew at Clean Sweep of Anne Arundel County Chimney is here to make sure your oil/gas furnace flue is functioning as it should!

We are CSIA ( Chimney Safety Institute of America) trained and certified, so you can rest easy that you are in good hands with our technicians!

Why Schedule Earlier?

Summertime is the best time to have your system swept and inspected. During the winter months, your system is constantly being used which produces by-products such as soot that over time can build up in neglected chimneys and restrict the flow of the harmful flue gases, carbon monoxide to build up in your home or soot to blow back into your home. Additionally, soot is made up of carbon and sulfur and when it mixes with moisture or rain a corrosive material is formed that can damage and corrode the flue liner compromising the integrity of the liner leading to potential home and health hazards. Since you are not using your heating appliance during the summer it makes sense to have it serviced at this time!

Another common misconception is that one size fits all, which is the not the case. If you are updating your furnace unit, size does matter! The proper venting size of your furnace flue is extremely important in the safety and performance of your furnace. Our chimney technicians understand the important elements to ensure the continued safe operation of your home heating system and that is part of our thorough inspection process.

Give our team of CSIA certified experts a call today, so we can set you up with an appointment this summer. When fall winds and winter snows come back around, you’ll be able to relax with peace of mind that your oil/gas furnace flue is safely performing to keep your family warmer and cozier all season long!