Just like your roof, your masonry chimney is going to degrade over time.Due to the changes in weather; soaking rains, hot scorching sun, freezing temperatures and snow, the masonry will expand and contract causing the mortar to breakdown. Through these cracks, water can trickle down into your home causing water damage to the structure as well as damage to the interior of the chimney. Water can also enter via the porous masonry brick. Many people assume they have a roof leak, but actually they have a chimney leak. Besides the risk of water damage, eroding or missing mortar joints due to water entering  would effect the performance and not contain the heat and smoke which can be a potential hazard.

The best way to prevent expensive damages is to have your chimney annually inspected to protect it and make it less susceptible to water entry . Have a Certified Chimney professional perform the repair and you take care of your family and home.